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Would you like to study law in the UK and achieve a degree that is based on tradition and hundreds of years of expertise? Four of the world’s ten largest law firms are based in the UK, making it a law hotspot for many international students. A law degree from the UK will definitely look impressive on your CV.

If you study law in the UK and then continue on to work in law, there are hundreds of international firms in the UK where you could secure a placement or a permanent position. International business contracts are often based on English commercial law so a law degree from the UK puts you in a fantastic position to practice law anywhere in the world.

Why ONCAMPUS to study law in the UK?

If you want to study law in the UK but you are not eligible for a university place, you will need additional support to help you access a law degree. ONCAMPUS pathway courses enable you to gain eligibility to study law in the UK. Put simply, we help you on your journey to becoming a law professional.




UK universities have been ranked as leading establishments for law degrees by Times Higher Education[1].

year of a UK law degree is often spent at a law firm on a professional placement.

of the world’s population, including the US, India, Pakistan and Malaysia, have legal systems that originated in English common law[2].

A degree in law in the UK

Law degree expertise in the UK ranks among the best anywhere in the world. Students can also choose to pair law with another subject such as business, politics or journalism if they wish. UK law degrees include:

  • LLB – Bachelor of Law
  • Graduate LLB – Fast track LLB leading to a postgraduate degree in law
  • LLM – Master of Law
  • GDL – Graduate Diploma in Law
  • LPC – Law Practice Course
  • BPTC – Bar Professional Training Course
  • QLTS – Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme

If you need additional support to be able to study law in the UK, ONCAMPUS helps you to gain access to a law degree course, alongside facilitating your personal, professional and academic success.

How to apply

You can submit your online application to study business in the UK with ONCAMPUS in four easy steps.

  1. Choose your centre
  2. Select your course
  3. Enter your details
  4. Upload your documents


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