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The UK – particularly London – is one of the world’s most important cities for business. Home to one of the oldest and largest financial centres, London is a fantastic place to learn and do business. It’s an exciting place to live and work too. There is truly something for everyone.

Not forgetting some of the other leading business and cultural hubs where you can study in the UK: from Reading to Sunderland and from Coventry to Hull. Each city has so much to offer to international students wishing to learn, improve their English language skills, and achieve a qualification in business.

Why ONCAMPUS to study business in the UK?

ONCAMPUS supports students wishing to study business in the UK who are not eligible to attend a UK university. Our programmes enable your progression onto 500+ degree courses in the UK and across the world. ONCAMPUS students experience life and learning in the UK while building on their English language skills, experience and knowledge, in preparation for a business degree. Put simply, we offer a pathway for international students to access the qualifications they need for personal and professional success.
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The Top 5



Business & Administrative studies is one of the top 5 chosen subjects by international students[1].

International students were pursuing a degree in Business & Administrative studies in 2019, more than in any other subject[2].

New companies were formed in the UK from 2018 to 2019 proving that the UK is a business hot spot[3].


Whether you choose to study business in the UK on a one year ONCAMPUS pathway course, or you decide to continue learning in the UK to achieve a university business degree, there are many reasons to study business in the UK. For example:

  • Gain business acumen and expertise from a country that leads the way in global business
  • Immerse yourself in the English language and gain business language skills
  • Surround yourself with people who have a passion for business
  • Have a positive university experience and learn to be a credible businessperson
  • Begin your pathway to achieve your true potential in life and in business

How to apply

You can submit your online application to study business in the UK with ONCAMPUS in four easy steps.

  1. Choose your centre
  2. Select your course
  3. Enter your details
  4. Upload your documents


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