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Student Ambassadors

Become a Student Ambassador and develop your personal and professional skills whilst being rewarded for it.

A Student Ambassador is a member of the student body, recruited to the Ambassador scheme, trained and rewarded for ad hoc work. As part of your role, you’ll be encouraging prospective students to consider studying at ONCAMPUS and inspiring them to think about higher education. You will be an official representative of ONCAMPUS who will communicate with prospective students and share your experiences with them.

There are a wide range of opportunities and roles to suit a variety of skill sets. Below are examples of some of the ways for you to join the Ambassador Scheme.

  • Content Creators

This is our most popular role, students in these roles help in the production of marketing content. This work may include providing quotes and written content about your experiences, writing blogs or being photographed and featuring in videos. Often this content is shared across our social media channels and can include testimonials (video and print), POV, day in the life, writing blogs or vlogs, challenges or tasks.

  • In country school or careers fairs

These may be virtual or in person and involve supporting Student Recruitment staff, and occasionally Agents, at school events and study fairs, handing out prospectuses and chatting to prospective students about how you have found life at ONCAMPUS as a student (eg. what the student life is like, how easy it is settle).

  • Conversion activities

These can range from getting involved in conversion calls with students who are considering joining ONCAMPUS to attending events in your home country. Usually these activities happen alongside out Student Recruitment team who will give you full training.

  • Virtual Events 

This can involve providing insight, advice and information about your personal experiences, both academically and on life at ONCAMPUS in general, to prospective students, academic agents or parents at events held for groups interested in joining ONCAMPUS.

  • Focus groups 

​​​​​​​Help to improve the international student experience by contributing first hand to team feedback sessions and process development. Student Ambassadors support discussions, share experiences and knowledge about ONCAMPUS and participate in Q&A sessions.

How will I be rewarded?

Students Ambassadors will be rewarded for their time through a voucher system which varies according to the type of activity you are involved in.

Why sign up?

Not only will you receive full training, but you’ll also make new friends, gain valuable work experience, be reimbursed for your time and receive a certificate at the end of the academic year stating that you have taken part in the scheme. It’s a great way for you to network, to improve your communication and interpersonal skills whilst boosting your CV!

How to sign up

Firstly, you need to complete the enquiry form below in full. Each application form is read by our panel and notes compared and a short list drawn up of those to invite to become a Student Ambassador. We will liaise with Centre Directors where appropriate as part of this feedback.  We will often interview students as part of the process. The interview is designed to be a helpful process for both yourself and us and full details of what this will involve and tips will be shared with you to give you time to prepare.

Please visit and follow our student TikTok page, @StudentsofONCAMPUS, or our Instagram Page, ONCAMPUS_Global, to see some of the amazing content created by our Content Creators.


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