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Start with ONCAMPUS in April and progress to Aston University in September 2024 

ONCAMPUS is proud to work in partnership with Aston University to offer high-quality university preparation programmes for international students on the University campus. 

We are able to offer a limited number of student scholarships of up to £6,750* on students joining our one semester Pre-Master's Programme in April.


Scholarships are available to self-funded students, against deposits paid before 22nd March 2024. 

*A limited number of scholarships are available to students who pay their deposit between the dates specified on the one semester Pre-Master's Programme starting in April 2024. £2,250 will be discounted from the ONCAMPUS Aston programme starting in April 2024 with a further £4,500 discounted from year 1 tuition fees on progression to Aston University.  


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