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The City of Sunderland

Sunderland is a lively, modern city with plenty of green spaces, stunning coastal scenery and a refreshing attitude to life. Sunderland has the added advantage of being a city by the sea in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

  • Museums & Galleries
    National Glass Centre

    Museums & Galleries

    Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

    The award winning Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens tells the city’s story from its early foundations to the present day accompanied by the stunning indoor winter gardens, boasting over 2,000 tropical flowers and plants. Part of the Tyne and Wear Museums group, it contains the only known British
    example of a gliding reptile, the oldest known vertebrate capable of gliding flight.

    St Peter's Church

    Built in 674AD, the tower and west wall are original Saxon features and the church also has on display fragments of the oldest stained glass in the country, made by 7th Century European craftsmen.

    Glass Centre

    Dedicated to the history of glass-making, with numerous exhibitions and galleries. Visitors can also watch glass being made in the centre. A number of artists are located on site, and their work can be purchased by visitors in the glass shop.

  • Transport
    Campus buses


    • Travelling around the city is easy with the Metro. Students can also buy Travel Cards to use for the Metro at a reduced cost. For example, a Travel Card covering the city of Sunderland costs around £44 a year.
    • A typical Metro journey from Newcastle to Sunderland takes 25 minutes.
    • Newcastle Airport has a Metro station, making the Metro the easiest way to travel to and from the airport to Sunderland. A typical journey from the airport to Sunderland takes 51 minutes.
    • Sunderland has regular trains to London, a typical journey takes approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.
    • Campus Bus - The University operates a free campus bus available to staff and students. The Campus  Circular route stops at the Halls of Residences and Ashburne House as well as City and St. Peters Campuses. The Campus Express runs continuously throughout the day between City and St Peters Campuses. During vacation periods the Campus Express visit Ashburne House as the Campus Circular does not operate:
  • Theatres


    The Sunderland Empire Theatre

    The Sunderland Empire is one of the largest venues in the North East, with 1,860 seats and the capacity to accommodate 2,200 when all standing positions are occupied.

    The Royalty Theatre

    The Royalty Theatre is home to the (amateur) Royalty Theatre group who also put on a number of low-budget productions throughout the year. Renowned film producer David Parfitt is now a patron of the theatre.

  • Sport
    Aquatic Centre, with Olympic standard pool


    The Sunderland Wall and Silksworth Sports Complex offer climbing, skiing and snowboarding while Adventure Sunderland and the North East Diving Academy, both located on the beautiful coastline of Roker, boasts facilities for windsurfers, kayakers and divers.

    Aquatic Centre

    Contains an Olympic-size swimming pool, a diving pool and a gymnasium. It is the only full Olympic-standard pool in North East England between Glasgow and Leeds.

    Stadium of Light

    Home to Sunderland A.F.C. With space for 49,000 spectators, the Stadium of Light has the fifth-largest capacity of any English football stadium.

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