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Foundation Courses and Pathway Programmes

If you are an international student finishing your high school exams and want to study at a UK or European university, but don’t qualify for direct entry, a foundation programme is (usually) the most direct route to university.  

A foundation is a one-year preparation course consisting of English language and academic preparation and is designed to bridge an academic gap and improve your English language so that you can achieve entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK or EU. A foundation course offers additional benefits such as;

  • introducing you to the study skills that you will be expected to use at university;
  • encouraging you to manage your time and study independently; 
  • helping you develop your confidence and make friends with students from all over the world whilst improving your English;
  • and giving you the time needed to adjust to an unfamiliar culture before you begin your degree.

Subjects offered

Foundation courses are offered in a number of pathways and subject combinations which prepare you for degree courses in areas such as:

Business, Finance & Management / Computing / Law / Art and Design / Engineering / Social Science / Medicine / Science and Pharmacy / Media and Humanities. 

Selecting the right foundation programme is dependent on a number of factors such as your current level of education, age and English language level. ONCAMPUS offers guaranteed opportunity for progression* to a number of world-class universities in the UK and Europe, allowing you to study on-campus of your preferred progression university.

Follow the links in the table below to find out more details about our university partners and the pathway that is right for you.

Programme IELTS Age Level of education
Undergraduate Foundation Programme from 4.5 17+ Successful completion of 11-12 years of schooling with good grades
Medicine Foundation Programme from 5.0 17+ Successful completion of 11-12 years of schooling with good grades
International Year One from 5.0 17+ Successful completion of high school with good grades
Master's Foundation Programme from 4.5 21 Successful completion of a Bachelor's degree from a recognised university
English Language Preparation Programme from 3.5 17+  

Programme Options

ONCAMPUS is one of the UK's leading university pathway providers. Our centres are based on university campuses throughout the UK and Europe and our programmes offer guaranteed opportunity for progression* to a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes when students successfully complete our programmes.

* Guaranteed progression is subject to meeting the specified entry criteria.

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