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About LISAA School of Design

LISAA School of Design (L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués) is the biggest design school in France. With 40 years of experience in teaching Fashion, Graphic design, Interior design, Animation and Gaming, it is one of the few schools recognised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

At LISAA, you can learn from industry professionals and educators who bring real-world insights to the classroom. The curriculum emphasises practical, hands-on experience to ensure students are well-prepared for the challenges of the creative industry.



LISAA offers a range of specialised school, each nurturing your unique talent and passion:




  • LISAA offers its 5000 alumni more than 800 internship and job offers available on its platform.

  • LISAA's qualifications are professionally oriented with courses being led by active professionals.

  • LISAA's qualifications are listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (level 6 – BAC+3 years of further education and level 7 – BAC+5 years of further education).

  • At LISAA, individual tutor follow-up is guaranteed, taking place in small workshops in the heart of the city.


  • 5th best private interior architecture school ranked by professionals (L'Étudiant 2018)

  • 4th best private product design school ranked by professionals (L'Étudiant 2018)

  • 4th best private fashion school (L'Étudiant 2018)

  • 9th best master's in Fashion Management in France ( 2019)

  • 10th best school for graphic design ( 2018-19)

  • Top 10 best courses in UX Design ( 2017)

  • 3rd best digital art school in the world (Imagine FX Magazine (US))

  • 5th best video game school in France (Le Figaro Étudiant 2019)

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