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ONCAMPUS is a partnership between many of the world's leading universities and Cambridge Education Group. ONCAMPUS centres are based on university campuses throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

The <b>ON</b>CAMPUS Experience

The ONCAMPUS Experience

ONCAMPUS teach pre-university programmes leading to a wide range of undergraduate and Master's degrees at leading universities across the UKUSA and mainland Europe

Our programmes are designed for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university study, and benefit from the support we offer in preparing them to progress to their chosen university. Since 2008, we have helped thousands of students progress to the best universities in the UK, USA and Europe.

ONCAMPUS gives you...

  • Guaranteed progression ► through the partnerships we have, we offer guaranteed progression to over 500 degrees at universities across the world.

  • Flexible programmes ► we offer a selection of different programmes and progression to a wide-range of universities, to ensure flexibility and choice for all students.

  • Experience and quality ► we are part of Cambridge Education Group, the first provider of foundation programmes in the UK and a leading international education provider since 1952. ONCAMPUS is reviewed by QAA.

  • Part of the university from day one ► our centres are based on the campus of our partner universities, and our students enjoy a true university experience throughout their programme.

Which programmes are available?

In the UK and Europe we offer:

  • Undergraduate Foundation: for progression to a wide range of undergraduate degrees (BA/BSc)
  • International Year One: for progression to year 2 of a wide range of undergraduate degrees
  • Master's Foundation: for progression to postgraduate degrees (MA/MSc/MBA)
  • English Language Preparation: for progression to Undergraduate or Master's Foundation programmes

In the USA we offer:

  • University Transfer Programme: for progression to year 2 of a wide range of undergraduate degrees at our partner universities or any other university of choice.

We are QAA reviewed

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has reviewed ONCAMPUS. Click here to read more


Under 18s supplementary fee

The happiness and wellbeing of our students is of critical importance and we want to ensure all of our ONCAMPUS students are fully supported during their studies in a UK university.  Places are offered on the understanding that students will be able to adapt to living away from home in an adult environment and deal with the practicalities that this involves. However, we recognise that students under the age of 18 may have different needs in relation to their support and wellbeing. We are also mindful that, under British Law, anyone under the age of 18 is legally classed as a child or ‘minor’.

To ensure the wellbeing of such students is maintained, we automatically provide a range of extra tailored support services for minors designed with appropriate safeguarding and child protection. The cost of this support is covered by the under 18s supplementary fee, which is automatically added to the student’s account. 

What will it cost?
There are two rates of supplementary fee to cover the cost of this additional support, based on how long a student spends studying under the age of 18.** 

  • A student who is under 18 for less than 12 months whilst studying with ONCAMPUS: £575
  • A student who is under 18 for 12 months or more whilst studying with ONCAMPUS: £1,150

** The under 18s supplementary fee will be automatically added to the student’s account and is payable alongside the first term fees.

Find out more about the under 18 supplementary fee here

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