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Progression Degrees

Queen Mary welcome applications from ONCAMPUS London students that have successfully completed a Foundation Programme. Our Higher Education team will guide you through making your application to the university. Click on the links below to view the degrees available at Queen Mary. Progression to the degrees listed here depends on the foundation programme you study with us and meeting the individual entry requirements of the chosen degree. Please check the notes section for more details.


Progression criteria - subject to meeting some specific requirements [click icon to view]

Progression to Year 2 of this degree - available through the International Year One Programme.

Undergraduate degrees

Business, Economics, Finance and Management

  • BSc (Econ) (Hons) Economics
  • BSc (Econ) (Hons) Economics and Finance
  • BSc (Econ) (Hons) Economics, Finance and Management
  • BSc (Econ) (Hons) Economics, Statistics and Mathematics
  • BSc (Hons) Accounting and Management
  • BSc (Hons) Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Marketing and Management

Engineering and Sciences

  • BEng (Hons) / MEng (Hons) Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering (four year sandwich)
  • BEng (Hons) Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Materials Science and Engineering
  • BEng (Hons)/MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Business Management (ITMB)
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Industrial Experience
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance and Accounting
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Management
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Business Management and Finance
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics
  • BSc (Hons) Pure Mathematics
  • BSc (Hons)/ MSci Computer Science
  • BSc (Hons)/MSci (Hons) Mathematics
  • BSc (Hons)/MSci (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • MEng (Hons) Dental Materials
  • MEng (Hons) Dental Materials with Industrial Experience
  • MEng (Hons) Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering
  • MEng (Hons) Materials Science and Engineering
  • MEng Aerospace Engineering
  • MSci Mathematics with Statistics

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • BA (Hons) Film Studies
  • BA (Hons) Geography BA
  • BA (Hons) History and Politics
  • BA (Hons) International Relations
  • BA (Hons) Politics
  • BA (Hons) Politics with Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Geography BSc
  • BSc (Hons) Geography with Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Human Geography
  • BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a year in industry
  • LLB (Hons) English and European Law
  • LLB (Hons) Law
  • LLB (Hons) Law and Politics

Life Sciences

  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry
  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (with year in industry/research)
  • BSc (Hons) Biology
  • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences
  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry (four year sandwich)
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Science
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Science with Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Genetics
  • BSc (Hons) Medical Genetics
  • BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Zoology
  • BSc / Msci Chemistry
  • MSci Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a year in Industry

Postgraduate degrees

Business, Economics, Finance and Management

  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc International Business and Politics
  • MSc International Financial Management
  • MSc International Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
  • MSc Investment and Finance
  • MSc Management
  • MSc Management and Organisational Innovation
  • MSc Marketing
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