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The journey is different but your goal is the same.

Start your foundation course online with ONCAMPUS Online & progress to university in 2021.

Our flexible study options will keep you on track for University success. That’s why we have launched ONCAMPUS online.

It’s expert

ONCAMPUS Online has been developed by expert academic tutors at ONCAMPUS and specialist learning designers from CEG Digital.

It’s authentic

You will acquire new knowledge through weekly lectures and webinars. You will get feedback and opportunities to interact with your peers and tutors to challenge your thinking.

It’s innovative

Education is always changing. Although your mode of delivery is different, the academic content is the same. In 2021, progress to University with ONCAMPUS Online.


What is ONCAMPUS Online?

ONCAMPUS Online has been developed by expert academics from ONCAMPUS partners, in collaboration with the specialist learning design and development team at CEG Digital. Courses are delivered as user-friendly weekly units, to give students both the confidence and the flexibility to learn effectively online, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Each module is developed and quality assured, based on key principles of Cambridge Education Group Digital’s pedagogical framework, which has been proven to contribute to sector-leading results for student satisfaction, retention and attainment

How will I learn?

Each week contains a blend of live lectures and webinars, delivered by ONCAMPUS Tutors, plus a consistent series of formative assessment activities, including forum discussions, practice quizzes and written-response exercises that improve retention of new knowledge and enable a deeper understanding of key concepts.

Have a look at the following video to see how easy is studying with ONCAMPUS Online:


Benefits of ONCAMPUS Online


Same expert ONCAMPUS tutors

Students follow the same program with the same expert teachers and the same guaranteed progression options.

Online expertise

ONCAMPUS online is developed by CEG Digital, experts in online learning for top Universities in the UK.


Students follow a clear and consistent modular and weekly structure.


Students will be able to access their course content online from anywhere in world.


Forum discussions and live webinars encourage students to learn actively and engage socially with classmates and tutors.


Tutors will constantly stay in touch with students to ensure they are engaging with materials/activities and making good progress. Tutors will provide feedback throughout each module to encourage reflection and improve student outcomes.


Students can playback lectures and webinars, and complete supporting activities at a time that suits them.


Throughout delivery, Tutors and Centre staff will run additional social activities and personal tutorials to ensure that students feel supported and fully integrated into the ONCAMPUS community, prior to their arrival on campus.

Start now with ONCAMPUS Online!

And progress to one our centres based on university campuses throughout the UK. Our programmes offer guaranteed opportunity for progression* to a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes when students successfully complete our programmes.

* Guaranteed progression is subject to meeting the specified entry criteria.

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