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Student support

Our student support service provides a broad range of advice and guidance on personal, practical and academic issues.

Support from a Personal Tutor

When you enrol on your programme of study at ONCAMPUS London, you will be assigned a Personal Tutor, who is responsible for ensuring you have adequate academic support during your time with us.

Your Personal Tutor is the first person you should go to if you have a problem: if they can’t help you, they will be able to direct you to someone who can. You will also have regular tutorial sessions with them, which will cover material like correct academic referencing, adjusting to life in the UK, and preparing for your successful progression to your university course.

In addition, your Centre Head, Deputy Centre Head, Student Recruitment and Support Officer, and Curriculum Information Officer are always pleased to be able to help you with any issues you may be having.

Sports facilities

Students can become members of Energybase at the University of London Union using their student ID card. Membership includes access to the fitness room, swimming pool and a range of classes. Prices are extremely competitive for central London, starting at £25 per month.

Renewing your visa

If you are a current student and need to extend your student visa you can obtain an application form (form Tier 4) from here.

The ONCAMPUS London Central Admissions will be able to provide you with a letter for the Home Office or UKVI to say that you are enrolled on a course with Foundation ONCAMPUS University. Please allow plenty of time to renew your visa.

Student Representatives and Ambassadors

Students from each course are elected by their peers to represent the views of students at the Staff-Student Liaison Committees. These meetings happen once a term and are designed to improve the management and enhancement of your programmes of study.

Staff and students consult each other on all aspects of their learning experience and future developments. Students Reps will communicate with their peers to gather feedback on their courses and attend meetings to discuss this feedback in centre and then with the other students representatives nationally once a term.

It is a chance to really make a difference, to improve their student experience. It’s a great thing to put on a CV and will impress prospective employers.


The centre aims to provide a high-quality educational experience, designed to ensure that students excel both academically and personally.

As such, we aim to ensure that all students are treated as individuals and that needs are met accordingly. Disabled students will be supported to help them become integrated into campus life.

Looking after your health

Students registered in the UK for full-time courses of six months or more are eligible to receive full health care from the National Health Service (NHS) regardless of country of origin. You will have the same rights to health care as a UK resident. This means that you register with a GP (local doc-tor), receive hospital treatment, treatment for pre-existing conditions and full maternity services. You have to pay for dental (teeth) services. In addition, optical (eye) services are not available on the NHS so you may have to pay for them.

Important: You may be eligible for help with the cost of prescriptions, dental and optical services on the basis of low income. For further information, please refer to the NHS website for their in-formation on NHS costs and exemptions:

Register with a GP

Students studying at ONCAMPUS London for less than six months will need to pay for all healthcare treatment. For these students we strongly recommend taking out health insurance before coming to the UK.

Please contact the ONCAMPUS London office if you are unsure on any medical issue. Find your nearest Doctor or Dentist:

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