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27th April 2021

We know that global travel remains uncertain and that many families and students are considering both face to face and online options for their future study plans.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched ONCAMPUS Online, which was developed with colleagues from award-winning CEG Digital, to offer students the flexibility and opportunity to continue their studies uninterrupted.

However, we remain committed to our aim of restoring face-to-face teaching in our centres as the priority and as soon as it is safe to do so. We can’t wait to welcome students back to our ONCAMPUS centres.

We expect, in line with government guidelines, that a full face to face return to campus will be safe and possible, and we therefore encourage you to plan your travel accordingly.

If it is not feasible for you to travel to the UK or EU to start your programme, for most courses, you will be able to continue to study your first term online, with the expectation that you can join us on campus as soon as the situation allows. Should there be continued global travel disruption, we are committed to reviewing our online provision regularly.

15th April 2021

The UK government has recently announced their plans for Universities and the Higher Education sector, setting out the return to face to face tuition.

Whilst we had hoped this would be sooner, face to face tuition will commence on 17th May 2021 at the earliest. However, we are committed to supporting students who have been living in their term time accommodation so your ONCAMPUS centres will be open for support and guidance.

The information below outlines what is open until 17th May 2021 and provides information on testing prior to any return to centre.


What does this mean for you?

Whilst we are unable to commence face to face tuition, ONCAMPUS centres will be open in a COVID-safe way for students that are in the UK and wish to meet staff on an appointment basis or would like the opportunity to book a quiet study space in preparation for your exams. Please contact your centre for more information.

All students are encouraged to take three COVID-19 tests before they return to centre, either through your local community testing programme or by ordering a test online. You can also order tests through the NHS 119 testing hotline number. You will also be able to attend the asymptomatic testing sites located on our University campuses, please contact your centre for more information.


What happens if I test positive?

Following a positive Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test result, students and staff should self-isolate immediately and take a follow-up polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test as soon as possible. If a student or staff member takes a PCR test within 2 days of the LFD test and receives a negative result, they and their household can stop self-isolating. Students who receive a positive PCR test are required to self-isolate immediately on the day of the test and for at least the following ten full days along with their household contacts.  Students that receive a positive LFD test and do not access a PCR test should also isolate for 10 days.


Why is testing important?

  • About 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 do not have any symptoms. LFD tests can detect the virus in people without symptoms and prevent them unknowingly passing it on to others.
  • By identifying more people with the virus we can better mitigate the transmission of Covid-19 which will help protect your friends and lecturers, and will allow your university experience to improve more quickly and your education to continue uninterrupted.
  • Lots of people taking LFD tests allows us to detect positive cases, take quick action to prevent the spread of coronavirus and break chains of transmission.


Please check for further advice on travelling to and from your centre.

2nd March 2021

On Monday 22nd February, the UK government announced plans for easing England out of the current lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19.

The new four stage plan sees the UK start to open up from March 8th, and the hope is that all legal restrictions in the UK will be lifted by the end of June provided that strict conditions are met at every stage. The exciting news is that the UK is slowly but surely opening up again. The UK national vaccine programme is proving extremely successful and it won’t be long now until we can welcome students back to ONCAMPUS centres.

We are pleased to confirm that from April 12th at the earliest our UK ONCAMPUS centres are planning to welcome students back for some face-to-face learning, where possible, in line with COVID-19 safety protocols. Please note that it is likely that some online learning will still be required for Term 3 and we will continue to follow UK government guidelines.

It has remained our priority to restore face-to-face teaching as soon as it is safe to do so, therefore, we are planning to offer as much face-to-face teaching from June as possible in our UK ONCAMPUS centres. We will continue to monitor government guidelines and will be updating our advice as the situation evolves. Students who are able to travel to the UK safely can arrive in their accommodation from March 8th where they will be fully supported by our staff in centre. Your current teaching remains unaffected, and we will continue to communicate further updates over the coming weeks. For more details about the latest UK travel and quarantine advice, please visit the government update.

18th January 2021

All UK travel corridors temporarily suspended to protect against new international variants

The UK government has announced new measures to take effect from Monday 18 January at 4am (GMT):

  • all travel corridors with the UK will be suspended at least until 15th February 2021
  • this means that all international arrivals to the UK from any country (including British and Irish Nationals) must now take a pre-departure test and self-isolate for 10 days
  • passengers must continue to fill in a Passenger Locator Form and have a negative test before travelling to the UK or could face a £500 fine for each

For more details please visit the government update. Don't forget, you can still start your programme online from your home country with ONCAMPUS Online.

For the latest up-to-date news, please regularly check the UK Government Coronavirus website

11th January 2021

International arrivals required to show negative COVID-19 test result before departure for England

Under this new national lockdown, on 11th January 2021 new travel measures have been introduced:

Please check the latest updates on entering the UK from the UK Government website. If you still have questions or concerns please contact us at

5th January 2021

We want to reassure you that our January term will begin as scheduled, although teaching will be online. All the information announced in our previous update (31st December 2020) remains in place but we do not expect face-to-face teaching to resume in our UK ONCAMPUS centres until mid-February 2021, at the earliest or until new government advice is issued. Please read below for more information:

Access to Support

  • Our centres remain open and you will still be able to access the same comprehensive academic and pastoral support online as you would face to face. You will have lectures, seminars and tutor time all provided within your timetable. Your ONCAMPUS centre staff will also be able to provide you with information on how to access supplies and support, including medical support should you need it.


  • Every student visa situation is unique based on individual circumstances. Please contact your ONCAMPUS centre who will gather more details about your travel plans and provide you with the best advice.


  • ONCAMPUS accommodation remains open, safe and available for all students.

Covid-19 Testing

  • At this time, the UK government is advising that testing will be available to all University students upon their return to campus. Your centres will keep you informed of any testing requirements and will provide you with details of how you can book and arrange a test when face to face teaching becomes possible again.


For the latest up-to-date news, please regularly check the UK Government Coronavirus website

31st December 2020

Following rising cases of COVID-19 across the UK, the UK government is working to manage the return of students to education settings after the Christmas break. We want to reassure students that ONCAMPUS centres remain open to support our students, but your study plans will be moved online for as long as necessary. We are here to support you, whether you are already studying in the UK, or are studying from your home country online. Our January term will begin as scheduled although teaching will be online and we do not expect face-to-face teaching to resume at ONCAMPUS centres until mid-February, at the earliest, or until new government advice.

We understand that you may have questions around your study and travel plans, your visa and the COVID situation in the UK more generally. We are working to provide you with answers, and more detailed information will follow from Monday 4th January. In the meantime, please see below for some important information.

Planning to travel to the UK?

  • If you are in your home country but planning to travel to the UK, and if it is possible for you to do so, you should consider delaying your plans to travel to the UK. You can start your studies online from your home country as long as it's required and your progression is unaffected.
  • If you are already in transit or plan to be imminently, our centres are open and we will support you fully as you arrive in the UK, travel to the ONCAMPUS centre and begin your online learning until face to face teaching resumes. If you are travelling from one of the countries NOT on the UK government travel corridor list, then you will still have to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival in the UK unless you opt to pay for a COVID-19 test.

Already in the UK?

  • If you are already in the UK, your ONCAMPUS centre will be in contact with you shortly to provide you with updated information and support concerning your enrolment and teaching, which will be online until at least mid-February 2021.
  • The UK government advice is currently to remain in the UK and to minimise travel.

For the latest up-to-date news, please regularly check the UK Government Coronavirus website

For the latest up-to-date news, please regularly check the UK Government Coronavirus website

Your study options

Depending on your circumstances and the latest updates at the top of this page, we have 2 tailored options for you to choose from when starting your programme:

  1. Online with ONCAMPUS Online, developed in conjunction with world-leading online education experts CEG Digital, and join us face-to-face when you can in 2021
  2. Face to face when allowed to resume: May vary by centre and programme, and subject to Government policy and University partner guidance on their campus

Dates and Deadlines

For all our UK Centres: Under the new national lockdown introduced in January 2021, students will learn through ONCAMPUS Online. Face-to-face teaching will resume once lockdown is lifted and according to local and national guidelines at the time.


  • First ONCAMPUS students start from September
  • Please visit the Aston University website for the latest COVID-19 updates




ONCAMPUS London South Bank


ONCAMPUS Sunderland



ONCAMPUS provides student accommodation through several private and university providers. Please have a look at our accommodation safety guidelines guide on what are the measure we have put in place:

The standard refund policy varies by accommodation provider. If you have any questions regarding this please contact

Travel and quarantine in the UK

If you are in your home country but planning to travel to the UK -and if it is possible for you to do so- you should consider delaying your plans to travel to the UK. You can start your studies with ONCAMPUS Online from your home country as long as it's required and your progression is unaffected.

If you couldn't change your plans and you are due to travel to the UK, all our accommodation providers remain open and our centres will offer full support. Please send us an email at if you need our ONCAMPUS team to arrange a safe airport taxi transfer, which will take you directly to your UK accommodation. You will be able to begin your learning online with ONCAMPUS Online from your accommodation in the UK.

Key considerations when entering into the UK as per 14th April 2021:

  • Take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test and get a negative result within 3 days of your travel. You could face a fine of £500 if you can not provide proof of a negative test.
  • Self-isolate for 10 days on arrival, and pre-book/pre-arrange your accommodation accordingly:
    • If you have travelled from or through a red list country 10 days before arrival, you must quarantine in a managed quarantine hotel. This applies to students who are British or Irish nationals, or third-country nationals with residence rights in the UK, e.g. international students. You must pre-book your quarantine hotel in advance, or you could face a fine of up to £4,000.
    • Or; If you have NOT travelled from or through a red list country, you must quarantine in your own accommodation for 10 days.
  • Complete a passenger locator form detailing where you will quarantine upon arrival.
  • Pre-book and pay for a travel test package, which will include Covid-19 tests to be taken on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 of quarantine. Testing provided by universities will not cover this. Students must pre-book the travel test package. If they do not take the day 2 and day 8 tests, they could face a fine of £2,000.
  • Be ready to present proof of study documents on arrival to the UK.
  • Be aware that travel advice may change, so regularly check all relevant guidance pages for the latest updates prior to travelling.
  • Speak to your travel insurer to understand the implications of changing your travel date.

Please check the latest updates on entering the UK on the UK Government website. If you still have questions or concerns please contact us at

FAQs for UK Centres

What will the online content consist of and how will it be delivered?

The online content is the same as the content that you would receive face to face and it prepares you for success in your intended degree programme. It will be delivered both through online hosted activities such as guided reading and group project work as well as live lectures, seminars and tutorials with our experienced tutors.

If the students want to come back to their home country, will their tuition/accommodation fees be refunded or extended to the new term?

All UK centres: if students are currently studying at ONCAMPUS and decide to leave, then our normal Terms and Conditions will apply. Please find a link to the Terms and Conditions here.

Illinois Tech: if a student decides not to return to the campus after Spring break and they have on-campus housing, they’ll need to fill out a form on the housing website so IIT can assess if a housing or meal plan refund is due. For tuition, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

ONCAMPUS Boston: for Room and Board we are awaiting an announcement from Curry on any refunds for any forfeited services and we will update all parties accordingly. For tuition, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Can students take online classes?

All UK centres: We are delivering our education curriculum online with ONCAMPUS Online and all students are able to access lectures and study materials from either their accommodation in the UK or from their home country.

If students have chosen to return home for this break and are not then able to return to the UK, please get in touch with the centre immediately and please ensure that relevant Immigration guidelines are followed for both the UK and Europe. UKVI have confirmed that as long as students engage in their online learning, there will be no impact to their student visa, whether they study in the UK or in their home country.

Lectures can be accessed online according to the UK timetable at Greenwich Meantime hours but students will ONLY be able to attend if they continue to be a registered student with us, either in the UK/EU/US or in their home country.

Illinois Tech: all university classes will be online as of March 23rd and will continue to be online as long as needed.

ONCAMPUS Boston: all university classes will be online as of March 23rd and will continue to be online as long as needed. In addition, all student support, transfer, and advising activities will be delivered online via the Blackboard portal.

If students are taking online classes, will it affect their progression?

All UK/EU/US centres: we are committed to ensuring that students’ education and academic progression are not compromised by this extraordinary situation. We are working with our University partners to ensure that students’ academic records will not be adversely affected.

What is the guidance for the students who continue staying in UK/Europe/US for study?

The current UK national advice is to stay at home for 14 days if you or your family members have either a high temperature or a new, continuous cough.

Visit GOV.UK for further information on the outbreak of coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

Please also see the following links for advice and information:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

For Europe - You can find current guidance and updates here And here

For the USA : please CDC website.

What if the student accommodation closes?

All UK centres: student accommodation closure is not anticipated, however, dependent on the choice of accommodation the provider may introduce some control measures. In the event of a closure ONCAMPUS will be committed to ensuring that students are taken care of, and that suitable alternatives are provided.

Illinois Tech: student housing will not close – this has been confirmed by IIT.

ONCAMPUS Boston: most of our students have selected to live off the campus during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What happens if I arrive and my campus/city goes into lockdown?

As we have seen over the last few months leading to the commencement of the September and November intakes, local lockdown restrictions have been introduced by the  UK government to help control the transmission of the virus.  In a circumstance where a local lockdown is introduced, central guidance will be communicated to all students. In the event that students will need to undertake a period of lockdown in their accommodation, students will be able to continue their studies online, if necessary.

What happens if I test positive for COVID and have to self-isolate?

As we begin to open our places of study and work, we will be doing everything reasonable and practicable to ensure that we are COVID secure and that the health, safety and welfare of our staff and students is prioritised. CEG will be working in full cooperation with local authorities and in particular the Public Health England Local Protection Teams on a 3-stage plan:

  • Identify
  • Report
  • Respond

Students should be encouraged to report self-isolation to centre staff if they are suffering symptoms of, or following a positive test for COVID-19. During the period of self-isolation, Centre staff will ensure that students are coping well and have access to food and hygiene products on a daily basis. Students will be given advice and instructions on how to contact the National Health Service, if this is necessary.


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