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Admissions Policy


Feedback, Appeals and Complaints

Feedback to Unsuccessful Applicants

The Centre; Central Admissions; Sales/Authorised representatives or Compliance will provide feedback on request to applicants who have not been offered a place. Applicants who have received an unsuccessful decision are able to request feedback at any time during the admissions year in which they are applying; however the Centre encourages applicants to request this feedback as soon as possible as it may help with any future applications that the applicant wishes to submit. Feedback can be given via telephone or via email.

 Admissions Feedback and Appeals

An appeal is generally defined as a formal request (by email) for a decision to be reviewed. An appeal will only be considered where there are adequate grounds which are set out below.

  1. There is additional and substantial new information that is to be submitted that was either not available at the time of the original application or where there is new information that is noteworthy and appropriate to the original decision communicated.
  2. There is a reasonable belief or evidence that the published admissions policy has not been followed.

Please note that appeals which are based on errors made by external organisations, agencies or individuals will not be considered. An example of this would be inaccurate predictions of future grades or disputes about the grading of prior formal examinations.


  1. A written (email) request to [email protected] must be made within 20 days of the communication of the decision regarding the applicant’s admission.
  2. The appeal should be submitted and addressed to the attention of the Head of Admissions for the relevant Study Business Unit.
  3. The appeal should outline the reason for the appeal and include any additional substantial new information that was not included in the initial application
  4. The Head of Admissions will review the application with additional information within 2 working days and will directly communicate their response to the appellant via email with a final decision. If further evidence or information is required to make a more informed decision this will be requested and must be provided within 10 working days otherwise the original decision will be upheld.
  5. This decision will have no impact in any future applications made.

Cancellations and Refunds

Under UK consumer law you have the right to change your mind within 14 days of your original enrolment, starting from the date on which your deposit to reserve your place is paid. In this event, all fees will be returned to you. You must make a clear statement of cancellation to us in writing or by sending the following template email to Admissions.

For refund claims please refer to the following refund policies:

Students Complaints

Students are encouraged to try to resolve a complaint informally and quickly with the person concerned. In most cases, the student’s Personal Tutor should be able to help resolve any concerns. For detailed and formal procedures, please check our Student Complaints Procedure

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) runs a free, independent and impartial scheme to review student complaints. CEG UFP Ltd (ONCAMPUS) is a member of the Scheme and if you are unhappy with its final decision about your complaint/appeal/disciplinary case etc], you may be able to complain to the OIA.

You normally need to have completed the admission complaints procedure before you complain to the OIA. CEG UFP Ltd will send you a letter called a “Completion of Procedures Letter” (COP letter) when you have reached the end of the relevant internal processes and there are no further steps you can take internally. You will have 12 months to complain to the OIA, normally from the date the COP Letter was issued. This is a strict deadline and it’s worth remembering that the longer you wait to complain to the OIA, the more difficult it can become to put things right.

You can find more information about making a complaint to the OIA, what it can and can’t look at and what it can do to put things right here:

Get in touch with the OIA:
Call: 0118 959 9813
Email: [email protected]


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