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Women in Science and Engineering @ ONCAMPUS London

Thu 26 Mar 2020

 As we face another great global health crisis, the expert knowledge and quality of impact research that we have in the UK are vital in understanding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has changed the global economic landscape, and life as we know it, in a matter of weeks.

Global health, medicine, mathematics, computing, statistics, biomedicine, geography of disease and behavioural sciences are just some of the many disciplines that are making a vital contribution in saving and protecting lives as we continue to discover more about this new deadly virus.

The importance of the contribution and advice from university professors and experts at QS World Ranked Universities and research institutes, including some of our ONCAMPUS partner institutions from colleges within the University of London has been vital. Furthermore, the UK, China, USA and South Korea have all been identified as key influencers on national and international government strategies that are having to respond dynamically and responsibly in the face of this partially-understood disease. 

Students and staff at ONCAMPUS London are playing their part in developing and supporting the next generation of scientists, and on Monday 9th March on International Women’s Day, talks were hosted on Women In Science & Engineering 2020 to inspire more women to enter graduate careers and degrees in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths] related subjects.

Over the course of the year, ONCAMPUS London will be conducting a series of events, online lectures and open Q&A online sessions for prospective students seeking advice in choosing the right degree and career path. Prospective students have the opportunity to follow the successful history of talented female graduates progressing into leading QS Ranked & UK & University of London universities such as Kings College, City University and our University of London Partner Colleges Queen Mary, Birkbeck, Royal Holloway and University of Reading. 

Supporting and encouraging our young would-be female scientists is a global project and we are fortunate to be in the company of some outstanding academic figures. Devi Sridhar, Professor and Chair of Global Public Health, University of Edinburgh and Co-Chair to the specialist panel at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine for example, was one of the first UK professors to discuss the seriousness of COVID-19. 

To learn more about upcoming ONCAMPUS online events to inspire and advise students about choosing the Right STEM Degree and Right Graduate Career suited to their talents and ambition follow us on our social media links. 


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