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4 Reasons Business Career Hopefuls Choose to Study in the UK

Fri 16 Sep 2016

When choosing where in the world they should study business, a significant proportion of globally mobile students select the United Kingdom (UK). The first business schools in the world were created in London and Manchester in the 1960s and by the turn of the 21st century there were over 120, each with their unique strengths.

British qualifications are respected worldwide for their prestigious level of quality and it's the natural location to perfect your grasp of English, the generally accepted international language of business. The UK is home to seven out of the ten top ranking universities in Europe, including Oxford, Cambridge and St. Andrews (the latter university on Scotland's eastern coast ranked first in the most recent The Complete University Guide business table).

Discover more about why the UK is an ideal destination for business studies.

Study in the UK for a World-Class Education

The UK is widely regarded as having one of the best education systems in the world. Even though it only has 1% of the world's population, it produces 5% of scientific research and 14% of the top academic papers. The country's knowledge-based economy has produced some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world today, embracing emerging technologies and leading sustainability initiatives. These include smartphone-powering ARM Holdings, music-streaming site Spotify, and credit-checking company Experian. The education system provides students with the support to achieve their goals, the inspiration to expand their skills and the freedom to develop truly creative solutions.

Perfect Your English Skills at Pathways in the UK

Part of the appeal of studying business is the breadth of academic skills developed and career paths available. Business skills are applicable to nearly every conceivable career direction and students can choose to focus on one of many diverse disciplines, such as marketing, finance, law or strategy. As business involves both numbers and communication skills, pathway programs are a great way to develop the necessary English language capabilities to thrive in both university and the global marketplace.

ONCAMPUS students perfect their English skills while preparing for university success

Studying and living in Britain means being immersed in English and having extensive opportunities to practice your communication skills each day. Successful students at ONCAMPUS pathways in the UK earn guaranteed progression to university degree programmes after developing the requisite requirements, including specialised English language preparation.

Join an International Community at University Pathway Programs in the UK

Britain welcomes nearly half a million students from outside the UK to study at its many institutions—business is the most popular subject with 38.4% international students. Students from abroad enjoy the UK's multicultural environment, meeting people from many different countries, backgrounds and faiths. ONCAMPUS students are part of the university from day one, studying amidst a vibrant international community and participating in extracurricular activities on campus.

The UK is a great place to launch your international business career

Study in the UK to Launch Your Global Business Career

UK education providers have strong links with industry, enabling students and graduates to improve their CVs and English skills by gaining work experience. Student visas for courses longer than 6 months permit you to work in the country to support your studies, while many business schools offer internships at world-class companies. Study in the UK develops the independence, communication and adaptability desired by employers internationally, and it's an ideal location to start accumulating a global network for career success.

Have you considered university pathway programs for UK study?

Since 2008, ONCAMPUS has helped over 4,000 students progress to the best universities in the UK, USA and Europe.

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