Transfer Advice & Student Support

ONCAMPUS Boston supports students through every step of the university transfer process. ONCAMPUS Boston specializes in giving individual attention through academic and transfer advising.

University Success Class (1 hour per week)

Students explore how thier interests relate to different majors and to possible careers. Students will complete college research to discover best-fit universities. Then they will bring their self-assessment and research together by writing a college transfer essay with personal guidance from experienced writing instructors.

Workshop (1.5 hours/wk)

This group seminar gives you an introduction to higher education in the U.S. It introduces students to a variety of student life issues and student services offered by Curry College. There is also time set aside for college visits, partner college fairs, and individual interviews with senior college admissions officers.

EAP(English for Academic Purposes) & TOEFL/ DUOLINGO Support (EAP 2.5 hours per week, TOEFL 75 mins per week)

The English for Academic Purposes course is designed to bring English skills to a level that will help students be successful in college courses. TOEFL support class prepares students to take the TOEFL exam and helps to improve scores for students who have taken the test previously.

Transfer Lab (1 hour/wk)

The ONCAMPUS staff lead students through the transfer application process step by step. You will get practical experience completing every component of the application together in a computer lab – including setting up the Common App, ordering official college transcripts, assigning faculty recommendations, and requesting a college official’s report.

Academic Advising

Students will attend one-on-one academic and transfer advising meetings during their two semesters in the program. ONCAMPUS Boston’s holistic approach to advising gives students the support they need to succeed in classes, in extra-curricular activities, in the Curry community, and in understanding their options for their sophomore year and beyond.

Drop-in office hours

Students are also free to stop by and talk with ONCAMPUS Boston’s university adviser during weekly office hours.

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