Welcome to ONCAMPUS Boston!

Congratulations on being accepted to ONCAMPUS Boston. Our teachers and staff are looking forward to meeting you and helping you to succeed during your first year as a university student in the United States.

Call Public safety +1-617-333-2222  (after office hours) or ONCAMPUS Boston +1-617-678-9125 (office hours) if you need assistance when you arrive at Curry College or campus.

Your Pre-arrival Requirements
Health form requirements Entrance health forms are mandatory at Curry College.
Students should arrive to ONCAMPUS Boston (OCB) with completed forms.

High school transcripts

OCB requires students to arrive with a minimum of one original or certified copy of their High school transcripts and graduation certificate. (Six official copies are recommended). If a student has attended a university program, those transcripts are also required
Airport transfer options OCB offers a 3rd party airport transfer service through New England Coach Service. The cost is $200 per person from Logan Airport. We recommend students choose a taxi from Logan airport. The cost is typically about $60. Uber and Lyft can cost $40-65 based on time of day.
Bill payment options In full. Prior to Arrival.
Arrival  Where to report upon arrival to OCB: Upon arrival, students report to the Public safety gatehouse at 1071 Blue Hill Ave, Milton, MA 02186. The office is open 24 hours
[email protected]. Emergency cellphone contact: 617-678-9125


Completed  Due Date  Pre-Arrival Requirements
  Prior to arrival   Full Curry College and Fees Payment Due

Jan 17, 2022

Curry College Housing Form
  Jan 17, 2022 Arrival Information and Flight Details Due
  Jan 21, 2022 ONCAMPUS Boston Arrival and Move-in
  Jan 21-23, 2022 ONCAMPUS Boston & Curry College Orientation. Your attendance is required
  Jan 24, 2022  Fall semester (first day of classes)
  Prior to/upon arrival

Entrance Health Certificate. You cannot attend classes without a completed health form

  Upon arrival Original High School/University Transcripts and Graduation Certificates
  Upon arrival Proof of English Proficiency

Late arrival information

  Due Date
I20 Turn Around 3 days
Start of Term 24th January 2022
Late Arrival Deadline* 28th January 2022
Last Application Date** 07th January 2022
Last I20 Request Date 10th January 2022
Last I20 Transfer Date 21st January 2022
Notes Students must arrive by Late Arrival deadline or will be deferred to May 2022

*For any students needing to arrive later than the Late Arrival Deadline, additional Late Arrival approval is required. This is at the discretion of the Centre Head and must always be obtained in writing.

**Full set of supporting documentation should be submitted with an application by this date, including Financial declaration, bank statement etc

What to bring with you


Boston has four seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and fall. The temperatures change dramatically for each season. The fall tends to be warm to cool and the winter is very cold and snow. You may want to wear layers during the colder months and be sure to bring or buy a winter coat. Some students chose to bring all of their clothes for the year or you can bring enough for the first half of the year, and bring more when you return from winter break.


You may not be able to open a bank account within the first few days of your arrival. It is a good idea to bring some U.S. dollars with you. You will have an opportunity to open a bank account during orientation.

Academic documents

  • Official High School transcripts and graduation certificates. Official notarized translations must be provided when originals are not in English. Official university transcripts (if applicable)

  • Proof of English Proficiency (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS)

Customs and immigration

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Original I-20

  • Proof of SEVIS Payment

  • ONCAMPUS Boston Acceptance Letter

  • ONCAMPUS Boston Support Letter (from your I-20 shipment)


Have you finalized your flight details? Before you do please note the dormitory check-in date

As soon as you buy your ticket to Boston send the flight details to [email protected] so we can plan for your arrival.

Flight numbers(s) Airport  Departure Time Airport  Arrival date Time

Do you need a private airport pick-up? ONCAMPUS Boston can arrange for an airport pick-up to bring you directly to the college. There will be a charge for the private pick-up. A private pick-up may cost up to $200 USD. 

Taking a Taxi is also an option. A taxi stand is located outside of the airport terminal and can bring you to the college. A taxi from the airport can cost between $60-$70 USD.

If you would like to arrange for the private pick-up accommodation, please email [email protected], and we will provide you with additional information

Health and safety

  • Curry College Health Form:

  • Approved medications and repeat prescriptions (if applicable)

These documents should in in your carry on luggage

Arriving at Campus

Hotel Accommodations for Families

When you arrive at campus check-in with the Public security gatehouse at the entrance of campus. Our offices are located at:

ONCAMPUS Boston offices: Levin Library L03

Call +1-617-333-2222 or +1-617-678-9125 if you need assistance when you arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: You must arrive at the campus on time. If you arrive before you will need to make alternate accommodation arrangements until the residence halls are ready. Upon arrival, students report to the public safety office at 1071 Blue Hill Ave, Milton, MA 02186. The office is open 24 hours

Check here for a list of alternative lodging options in close proximity to Curry College.

Please contact Azumi Watanabe with additional questions at [email protected].

How to pay

We want to make paying your fees as easy as possible. They can be paid using our online payments platform: Convera® GlobalPay for Students.

Pay Now with Convera Global Payments for Students

This fast and reliable service allows you to pay in your local currency via bank transfer, Visa/Mastercard, or by using a wide range of local online payment options including WeChat Pay, UnionPay, India NetBanking and more, without incurring any transaction charges.

Klarna and bank transfer are also available for UK domestic payments through the platform.


  • Pay fees in your local currency
  • Avoid fees and international foreign exchange charges from your bank
  • Easy to use on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Pay online or by bank transfer
  • Rest assured knowing your payments are received in full by ONCAMPUS
  • Track your payment status by text and email
  • Get price and payment options upfront with a price comparison too


Pay Now with Convera Global Payments for Students


If you need any further payment assistance, please call our Finance team on 01223 942 300. You can also see the video below on how to pay through Convera GlobalPay for Students.

Important: A payment reference must be provided so that the college can identify funds on safe arrival into our account. This must be the student reference number as stated on your offer document. This reference means that we can then allocate the funds against your invoice accordingly. Failure to include a reference may mean we have to contact you again to establish your proof of payment.

Connect with us

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