St Patrick’s Pontifical University

St Patrick’s Pontifical University offers a range of international recognised part-time, full-time and blended learning programmes taught by leading theologians and philosophers from the beautiful, historic campus in Ireland’s only university town.

The Faculty of Theology at St Patrick's Pontifical University supports the full range of theological disciplines. As the largest Catholic Faculty in Britain and Ireland, it contains internationally recognised expertise across the spectrum of theological subjects.

The study of philosophy at St Patrick’s Pontifical University enjoys a long and august tradition. Philosophy has been taught here since the foundation of St Patrick’s in 1795.

Students who graduate in theology are trained to investigate and interpret human experience using a range of perspectives and methods. They learn how to critically engage with the beliefs and actions of individuals, faith-communities and societies. By doing so, Theology Graduates will have developed their written and oral communications skills. All of these abilities are important for success in post-graduate studies and employment.

The study of philosophy develops critical thinking skills that are useful for many career paths. While certain students go on to an academic career in philosophy, all students are encouraged to become philosophical, by acquiring the skills to build arguments, examine assumptions, and evaluate worldviews.

Why St. Patrick's Pontifical University?

  • Supported by a long heritage of 220 years
  • Has the resources of a contemporary university
  • The Pontifical University offers a range of part-time and evening programmes
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