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The <b>ON</b>CAMPUS Experience

The ONCAMPUS Experience




  • 确保升读 ► 凭借我们与众多大学的合作关系,确保学生升读全球多所大学超过500个专业的学位课程。

  • 课程灵活 ► 我们针对各类大学提供不同的课程与升学计划,确保所有学生能够灵活选择。

  • 丰富经验与卓越品质 ► 自1952年以来,作为英国剑桥教育集团旗下机构开设相关课程,是英国首个开设预科课程的机构,也是国际领先的教育集团。国际预科已通过QAA审核。

  • 从入学第一天起成为大学的一员 ► 国际预科位于合作大学的校园内,学生可以在整个课程学习期间享受真实的大学体验。



  • 本科预科:升读各类本科学位 (BA/BSc)
  • 国际大一:升读各类商学、经济学及工程学本科学位二年级
  • 硕士预科:升读硕士学位课程 (MA/MSc/MBA)
  • 英语语言预备课程:升读本科或硕士预科课程


  • 转学分课程:升读合作大学或所选其他大学的本科学位二年级



Welfare statement

Your welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Alongside the academic assistance you will receive, we will also provide support for your wellbeing. Our trained staff can offer guidance and support with common issues such as homesickness, culture shock and
exam anxiety.

With regard to mental health, we offer students a safe space to discuss their worries and issues and we can also signpost to outside agencies we work with if this is deemed appropriate.

We will help to build your self-confidence and social skills by providing opportunities to connect with other students and will provide comprehensive guides as well as tutorial sessions covering many aspects of student life such as budgeting, self-care, time management and mindfulness.

Here at ONCAMPUS, we understand that student life is not all work and no play! If you wish, we can help you to connect with various societies within the university which cater for interests and hobbies of all kinds. You will also have the opportunity to put your name forward to serve as a student representative and gain valuable experience being part of a team working together to give our students the best experience possible.

Students under the age of 18 may have different needs in relation to their support and wellbeing. We are also mindful that, under British Law, anyone under the age of 18 is legally classed as a child or ‘minor’. To ensure the wellbeing of such students is maintained, we automatically provide a range of extra tailored support services for minors designed with appropriate safeguarding and child protection. The cost of this support is covered by the under 18s supplementary fee, which is automatically added to the student’s account.

Learn more about our Under 18s Support Package.

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