Integrated CAS (iCAS) Information


What is an iCAS?

An Integrated CAS grants students one visa for the complete duration of their studies (ONCAMPUS programme plus their progression degree).

It is issued at RQF Level 6 for undergraduate level and RQF Level 7 for postgraduate level.

Why should I choose iCAS?

There are a number of benefits of choosing an iCAS programme at ONCAMPUS:

Save time and money - by choosing an iCAS programme you can save money and time as you will not need to re-apply for a visa after your first year of ONCAMPUS study.

This means you do not need to return to your home country to extend your visa and can seamlessly transition into your first year of study at your chosen university. Furthermore, you do not need to re-apply throughout your studies in the UK, removing the visa re-application process.

Proof of English Level - If you choose a programme with an iCAS, you can choose from a range of different non-SELT tests to prove your level of English, such as IELTS or TOEFL iBT.

Click below for a full list of Non-SELT English evidence for each centre:

Work part time during your studies – Choosing a programme with an iCAS means that you can take on up to 20 hours per week of paid employment. Working during your studies allows you to gain invaluable work experience and skills. By the time you graduate you will have achieved plenty of transferable skills, helping you stand out in a competitive job market.

Which centres offer iCAS?

There are a variety of iCAS programmes available to you, across multiple subject areas and ONCAMPUS centres. These are:


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