About IESA

IESA Arts and Culture is a fantastic, prestigious art school located in central Paris. IESA Arts & Culture is a private institution of higher education specialised in the management of the arts (Art markets; Art curation; Performing arts; Cultural mediation ; Cultural heritage) and production (Performing arts / Contemporary music).

IESA has a large international following with over 39 nationalities represented and around 23% international student population. This has meant that IESA has become internationally recognised for its world-leading art and design degrees. IESA’s international expansion began nearly 15 years ago with the organisation of international conferences and study trips, the invitation of international professors, and the opening of IESA offices abroad.  Since then, providing international opportunities has been their constant priority, allowing their students to become as mobile as possible within a very international sector.


  • IESA arts & culture hosts about 700 students, 100 of which attend the courses of IESA International
  • IESA’s thriving neighborhood is known for its cafés, artists’ studios, small shops, artisans, and street art
  • 500 Partners, including : cultural institutions, businesses, art galleries, etc
  • 30 artistic and cultural events are organised by the school each year.
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