Under 18s Support Package

Here at ONCAMPUS, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students. Our commitment to the safety and well-being of under 18 students recognises that under British and EU Law, anyone under the age of 18 is legally considered a child. As such, our comprehensive support package enables us to put in place appropriate safeguarding and child protection measures and also legal restrictions for the benefit of your child.

A university campus is an adult environment in which all students are expected to act as adults and to assume an adult level of responsibility. Places are offered on the understanding that students will be able to adapt to living away from home and demonstrate the maturity needed to deal with the practicalities of daily life. Universities treat all students as independent, mature individuals and students who are under the age of 18 years will be treated in the same way. However, we recognise that students under the age of 18 may have different needs in relation to their support and well-being and so we have developed a specialised under 18 support package just for them.

We have created a bespoke support service for minors which includes; Covid support, health and well-being check-ins, engagement activities, welfare resources, termly academic reports and regular access to your Academic Supervisor who will guide and support you throughout your studies. This mandatory under 18s supplementary fee also includes 24/7 access to an emergency helpline so that day or night, rest assured we will be there to offer assistance.

Our friendly dedicated ONCAMPUS welfare team is on hand to provide both academic and emotional support and every centre has a trained Mental Health First Aider to provide guidance and support during your studies. This includes:



Pre-arrival Support

Pre-Arrival Advice and Assistance

Well-being Services

A Guardian* will be allocated on a 1:1 basis while the student is under the age of 18. Guardians are accredited to gold standard by AEGIS, the Association for Education and Guardianship of International Students.


Dedicated welfare team who provides pastoral care throughout your studies.


Fully trained Mental Health First Aiders


24/7 Emergency Phone Service


Welcome meeting and campus tour


Guardian* visits to centres twice a term and feedback on health and well-being shared with centres


Access to well-being and mental health support materials through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)



Covid-19 Support and regular check-in





Student Engagement Activities

Access student support through the MYONCAMPUS App 

Academic Support 

Individual Academic Supervisor meetings


Under 18 Personal Tutorials


Term 1

  • Week 3-4 How are you settling into your studies?
  • Week 6-7 End of Term Review

Term 2

  • Week 2 Review of Exam Feedback and Individualised Target Setting for the Week 6-7 Progress Tracking

Term 3

  • 1:1 Drop-in session with student services or Academic Supervisor 



Optional Services

(Additional cost)

Dealing with out of hours medical emergencies*


* Only applicable to students enrolled at ONCAMPUS centres located in the UK.

Why College Guardians?

For students studying in UK or EU Centres, ONCAMPUS works closely with ‘College Guardians’a well-established nationwide company, professionally accredited by the AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) with a network of experienced, independent welfare personnel. We have combined College Guardian expertise with our own to provide a comprehensive support package to our younger students.

  • A Guardian will be allocated on a 1:1 basis while the student is under the age of 18.
  • Meets students twice each term
  • Available by telephone 24 hours per day during term time
  • Academic and emotional support
  • Assistance through sickness, hospital admissions and emergency situations
  • Support through disciplinary matters and non-attendance
  • Regular email and telephone contact with the student/parent/Centre.

Under 18s Supplementary fee

The under 18 supplementary fee is mandatory and is applied to all under 18s studying at a UK or EU ONCAMPUS Centre, whether face-to-face or online for an entire academic year or until the student turns 18 years old. A fee of £595/€595 will be automatically added to the student’s account and is payable alongside the first term fees.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most common questions we get asked by students, parents and guardians.

Why do I need a Guardian and who is it?

Under UK/EU law, anyone under the age of 18 is legally considered a child. To improve the welfare provision for under 18 students and ensure we meet appropriate standards for safeguarding and child protection, we have put in place an under 18s support package of additional tailored support. This includes allocating each student a dedicated ‘College Guardian’ for the duration of their study until they turn 18. College Guardians is an established guardianship provider accredited by the AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students), an independent professional body that ensures all providers adhere to rigorous inspections. The Guardian is an extremely useful person to be able to contact as they are an independent advocate not employed by ONCAMPUS and to whom students can contact and speak confidentially.

Can I select my own Guardian?

No, each centre has a guardian assigned to them from College Guardians’ network of approved and experienced welfare personnel. This guarantees that the assigned Guardian is available 24/7 during term time and that the individual knows how to respond to any given situation, not only within the confines of UK law but also with knowledge of relevant contacts and support agencies.

How do I or my parents contact my Guardian?

The under 18 welfare and guardianship declaration form has fields for student email, parents’ email and parents’ telephone numbers. Providing we receive the completed document before the students’ arrival, a welcome email will be sent to students from College Guardians. Within this email, you will find all the contact numbers/emails for College Guardians.

Will I be picked up at the airport?

ONCAMPUS can arrange an airport pick-up. For our UK centres, you can book a taxi via our taxi transfers page.  Please note that a fee is charged by ONCAMPUS for the airport pick-ups.

How do I pay for under 18 support?

An under 18s supplementary fee is automatically added by admissions and will then appear on the student statement. This fee is due to be paid alongside the tuition fees for the first term.

How does my Guardian keep a check on me?

College Guardians are available to meet students twice each term. They are available by telephone 24 hours a day during term time. Staff at ONCAMPUS have a great relationship with College Guardians and are in regular contact about any matter they feel is necessary. The Guardians can then offer their own experience and knowledge to assist students with anything such as academic support, emotional support, assistance through sickness, hospital admissions and emergency situations. Rest assured they have lots of experience communicating with parents, agents and families who are based abroad.

How will my Guardian know if I am caught up in an accident or issue anywhere?

The staff at ONCAMPUS will contact College Guardians if there is an accident or issue. Students can also contact College Guardians 24 hours a day if they would like or need to speak about anything: parents can also do the same.

Can I opt-out of the under 18s supplementary fee?

No. This is a mandatory fee that will be applied to all under 18s studying at an ONCAMPUS centre in the UK or EU.

Why should I choose to stay in ONCAMPUS accommodation?

You can find out about the benefits of staying in ONCAMPUS accommodation in our Under 18 Accommodation Policy here.

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