Top Reasons to Study in Paris for International Students

Tue 28 Nov 2023

Having been ranked the 6th best student city in the world*, Paris is not only internationally recognised for its culture, food and atmosphere but also for being an ideal study destination for international students. Below are some of the reasons why students should choose to study in Paris.

*QS Best Student Cities, 2024

1. Diversity

Paris is the most diverse city in Europe with an international population of over 23%. This means Paris is incredibly multicultural, with over 132 different nationalities represented throughout. Being so diverse means students will feel right at home and have access to home comforts such as their favourite foods, across the vast number of international restaurants throughout Paris, or places of worship. Paris is home to 197 churches and the third-largest mosque in Europe.  In addition, the city has a wide range of restaurants serving vegetarian, halal and other dietary preferences, making it a diverse and inclusive culinary destination.



“Paris is my favourite city and the French people are so friendly. In this programme, I think the teachers focus on students studying independently and the teachers are the best. We are serious in class but in the spare time we are more like friends.”

                  Ke Lin
                  Pre-Master’s Programme (PMP) at ONCAMPUS Paris 


2. Safety and travel

Paris is considered a safe city for international students. Educational institutions in Paris also prioritise student safety, implementing measures such as campus security and support services. The city has a robust public transportation system and a strong police presence, contributing to a sense of security. Paris is extremely easy to travel around, with 16 metro lines running throughout the city connecting students to their favourite spots. There are also two major airports in Paris, connecting the French capital to over 557 cities across the world.

9 out of 10 international students recommend France as study destination

3. Employability

Paris’s graduates are very highly regarded within their industries, with Paris being ranked 7th in the world for Employer Activity*. Paris is also home to hundreds of international companies situated in La Défense, a major European business district and home to companies such as Microsoft, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and Google.

*QS Best Student Cities, 2024

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