At ONCAMPUS Boston, located in the heart of America’s #1 college town, we prepare international students to succeed – academically, socially, and professionally – with a 1–year university transfer program that enables you to earn college credit while gaining a deeper understanding of the U.S., its education system, and which options are best for you.

New Guaranteed Progression routes at ONCAMPUS.

Boston Students at ONCAMPUS Boston are now able to benefit from GUARANTEED progression to several of our partners. These include Michigan Technological University, ranked #116 nationally, our host college Wheelock College and Southern New Hampshire University. To take advantage of these great opportunities students only need to successfully complete their University Transfer Program with the required GPA – there is no need for further English tests or admissions processes!


Why choose ONCAMPUS Boston?

  • Guaranteed admission routes to US degree programs
  • The intensive 25-hour-per-week combined academic and English program
  • Equivalent to Year 1 of University, 28-32 credits upon completion
  • No SAT score, personal statement, or letters of recommendation required
  • An average class size of 15
  • Living on a university campus alongside American students
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How ONCAMPUS Boston supports your success:

University Transfer Program

  • As you work on successfully completing your first year, ONCAMPUS Boston will help you with the critical next step – deciding which college or university is the right one for you. We will help you explore and understand your options, work with you on the application process, and show you how to transfer the 28–32 college credits you will earn.
  • Although you may apply to transfer to any school you wish, you also have the option to enroll at any of ONCAMPUS Boston’s partner schools. These exceptional public and private educational institutions, including Wheelock College, recognize the value of our program for international students and will allow you to transfer and enroll at their school through an expedited application process and without SAT or ACT exam requirements.
Progression to University Video: Univeristy Transfer Video:

University Experience

  • Wheelock College, with just 1,200 students, provides a learning environment that is safe, comfortable, and supportive.
  • Complete with a dining hall, student center, coffee bar, and sports and fitness center, Wheelock has everything that makes studying at a small college so appealing.
  • Wheelock is also a part of the Colleges of the Fenway, a group of six schools all located in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. These schools, which have a combined enrollment of over 12,000 students, share some facilities, social activities, and student clubs and organizations – everything that makes studying at a large university so appealing
  • Be a part of the Colleges of the Fenway community which includes these prestigious schools:
    • Wheelock College
    • Emmanuel College
    • Massachusetts College of Art and Design
    • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University
    • Simmons College
    • Wentworth Institute of Technology

Find out more about the Student Life.


  • In addition to instruction in writing and speaking English, you will take the same classes as other Wheelock students, from the very same Wheelock faculty, and earn the same amount of college credit (12–16 credits per semester).
  • After successfully completing ONCAMPUS Boston’s first–year experience, you will have earned 28–32 credits and be on track to earn the 120 credits most schools require to receive a Bachelor’s Degree. Find out more about the University Transfer Program.

University Campus

  • Like most college freshmen, you will live in a residence hall (also called a dormitory or “dorm” for short), with a close-knit community of students, that is located right on Wheelock’s campus.  This is a mandatory part of ONCAMPUS Boston’s program because residence halls are an ideal place to make friends, socialize, and acclimate to college life in America.
  • You will share a room with another student of the same gender who may be American or another international student who speaks a different language than you.
  • Your floor will have a Resident Assistant/RA (also a student at Wheelock) who organizes social activities and is there to answer questions. There is also a Resident Director, a professional who is responsible for creating a safe and happy environment for everyone in the building.
  • A meal plan is included and you’ll find the dining hall and campus cafes are great places to socialize.

Find out more about the ONCAMPUS Housing options.

University Transfer Program


Our Staff:

Kimberly Sizelove, Director of ONCAMPUS Boston 

Kimberly Sizelove brings twenty-five years of international teaching and leadership experience to her role as the Director of ONCAMPUS Boston. Kimberly has extensive and varied experience in international program administration, curriculum development and ESL instruction. Inspired by teaching English in Okinawa, Kimberly completed an MA in TESOL at Ball State University in Indiana. She lived in the Netherlands where she held a leadership role at the School of Economics of Fontys University of Applied Science for 18 years.

Upon her return to the USA in 2008, she founded a study abroad program between participating universities in the Netherlands and the USA. In this role, she expanded her knowledge of the F-1 visa immigration process and gained experience in recruitment and advising. Since 2010, she has served as the Director of the English Language Program at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts and then moved to Rhode Island to set up an English language institute for a nonprofit company, Associates in Cultural Exchange, at the University of Rhode Island.

Kimberly’s extensive experience abroad gives her a distinct advantage as Director of the ONCAMPUS Boston university transfer program. She is dedicated to enhancing the international student experience through collaboration and effective communication, and truly understands the intricacies of the different types of higher education landscapes.

Brian O'Malley, Student Recruitment and Support Officer

Brian O'Malley is a native of Boston with over 10 years of experience working with international students as an admissions and recruiting officer. He has formed long lasting relationships with international schools, agencies and students from all over the world. His wife is a native of Venezuela and they have travelled many times to South America.

After graduating with his MBA from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, he embarked on an extensive career of operations and customer service management which included managing one of the oldest and well respected ESL schools in the USA.

Brian’s experience in recruiting, consulting and hosting international students allow him a unique perspective for the international student experience in Boston area and enables him to be an invaluable resource to all students at ONCAMPUS Boston.

Eli Remillard, University Success Advisor

Eli Remillard is the University Transfer Advisor for ONCAMPUS Boston.  Eli earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Hamilton College, a prestigious liberal arts school in central New York, majoring in History and minoring in Economics and Art History.  Eli additionally studied Mandarin Chinese and was the recipient of the Edwin B. Lee Award in Asian Studies upon graduation.  In 2012, Eli completed a ten-month Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where he taught English language to Mongolian undergraduate students at a public host university.

Returning to the US, Eli served as an international student advisor for a Boston area ESL school.  Most recently, Eli worked as the International Student Academic Advisor for the School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont, assisting international students transitioning to full degree study from various pathways programs.

Eli’s role as the University Transfer Advisor is to ensure ONCAMPUS students are provided the support and guidance needed to successfully transition their academic careers and navigate higher education in the United States.  With his experience directly assisting international students in a variety of capacities, Eli is excited to utilize his skills and perspective to help ONCAMPUS students transfer to their preferred university as second year students. 

Heather Martin, Administrative Assistant

Heather Martin is the Administrative Assistant for ONCAMPUS Boston. She recently graduated from Wheelock College with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development with a focus in Developmental Psychology and an Education Minor with a focus in Special Education.

In this position she supports the ONCAMPUS staff, faculty, visitors, partners, and - most importantly - students. Martin also coordinates student related activities and functions, providing social, cultural, and educational opportunities for all students to engage with the Wheelock community.

Dr. Erica Moore, PhD, Academic English Professor

Dr. Erica Moore has been working with international students since her first teaching experiences at language schools in Spain and Czech Republic, and at Nanyang University in China. After teaching English as a Second Language for several years, she went to the United Kingdom to undertake her MA and PhD in English Literature at Cardiff University in Wales. With a wealth of knowledge on written communications, academic research, publishing in academia, study skills, and scholastic motivation, Dr. Moore enjoys teaching students key skills for university success.

During and following her doctoral studies, Moore taught a range of university-level courses, from American Literature, to Gothic Literature, to Business Communications, to freshman composition. Before starting her current position with ONCAMPUS Boston, she worked as a Lecturer in Academic English for international students transitioning to graduate study in the UK.

Having spent ten years living outside the US, she brings to the classroom her knowledge of diverse educational systems and practices. Most importantly she teaches with an informed and international perspective, and understands the unique challenges met by ONCAMPUS Boston students. Above all, Dr Moore enjoys engaging with students to achieve their potential and their goals during their time at Wheelock and beyond.

Joe Lemme, Academic English Instructor

Joe Lemme is a Massachusetts native who has been teaching international college students in Greater Boston since 2011. In addition to his United States’ teaching experiences, he spent a year in South Korea conducting job interview and conversation practice classes for adult learners. He discovered his passion for mentoring international students while pursuing his Master’s at Boston College.

Joe’s focus at ONCAMPUS Boston is helping students to maximize their potential on the TOEFL as well as other multiple-choice and essay based tests. He enjoys facilitating classroom environments that enable students to form mini United Nations communities as they bond together through their cultural differences to achieve their common goal of academic success at Wheelock and beyond.


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