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How University Pathway Programs in the USA Help You Become Anything You Want to Be

Fri 15 Jul 2016

Why study in the US? Known as "the land of opportunity,” the United States is full of diversity in landscape, cultures and cities with everything you need to become anything you want to be. No matter which career path you are interested in pursuing, you will find the biggest and best companies, valuable networking opportunities, and the specialized education that are sure to lead you to your goals.

A prestigious US education is globally respected for developing well rounded individuals with the advanced skills that employers seek. It's no surprise that it is the top destination country in the world for international students studying abroad, but meeting the entry requirements for universities in the USA can be challenging. That's why more and more students are choosing pathway (also known as "foundation") programs like ONCAMPUS that offer guaranteed progression to top schools after the necessary skills are developed.

Here's what you need to know about getting a student visa, gaining acceptance from your chosen program and launching your career after university in the USA. 

Tips for Getting a Student Visa for Study in the USA

University pathway programs help students navigate the complex admissions process, entry into the country, and eventual transfer to the program of their choice. Upon acceptance to a pathway program, you will receive an I-20, "Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status" document that you should bring to your visa interview at your US embassy along with various other supporting documents.

ONCAMPUS helps students navigate the complex university admissions process

Be sure to arrive on time or your application may be automatically refused. Answer all questions completely and honestly while providing helpful scholarship certificates and financial documents that give evidence of your status and financial stability. Prepare by practicing your answers in English - if you don't understand a question, ask for clarification or repetition. Demonstrate that you're a genuine student, and explain why you want to return to your country following graduation with your newly acquired skills and knowledge.

University Pathway Programs Help Find the Best School for You

The US higher education system offers far more study options than anywhere else in the world, providing an abundance of pathways for achieving your unique career goals. There are over 4,700 colleges, universities and specialty schools in the country, which can make it challenging to choose the one that best fits each student's particular skills and interests. Nearly 40% of American college students transfer to a different institution during their higher education.

That's why university pathway programs in the USA like ONCAMPUS help students earn the equivalent of a first year's study before they progress to their chosen program for years 2-4 of completing an undergraduate bachelor's degree. Pathway programs develop the necessary academic, language and social skills that students need to aim high while beginning to identify the best school to secure transfer to for the following years. ONCAMPUS helps students research universities that match their goals, develop personal statements and letters of recommendation, and ensure that application requirements are met.

After University Pathway Programs, Launch Your Innovative Career in an American City

University pathways in the USA enable students and grads to experience the real American culture while perfecting language skills and the tools needed to thrive in their chosen career. Most courses offer opportunities for work experience and internships following your study in the USA. F-1 visa holders can usually stay to work in the US for a year as optional training while graduates in science, technology, engineering or mathematics might also be able to extend this for a further two years before returning home.

Achieve your dreams with study and work in the USA!

Experience a different working culture in the US, gain transferrable skills, and launch your career at the forefront of innovation in whichever field you choose. For instance, ONCAMPUS Cal State in Monterey Bay is close to the famous tech leaders of Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook and Apple. Studying at ONCAMPUS Texas is an opportunity to work at some of the most notable telecommunications companies while ONCAMPUS Boston is near a world class financial district.

Want to learn more about USA pathways?

Discover how foundation programs from ONCAMPUS can help you achieve more!

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