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Why University Pathway Programmes On Campus are Better than School-Based Programmes for Study in the UK

Tue 06 Sep 2016

British universities are respected around the world for their prestigious educational quality. While these high standards make it particularly challenging for international students to achieve acceptance and success at UK institutions, pathway programmes help students from outside the country develop the necessary skills to meet entry requirements and directly progress to the course of their choice.

With personalised support services in a vibrant, multicultural university environment, students gain the academic and communication skills to confidently pursue the education they've dreamed of. While many schools offer various types of academic preparation programmes, studying on campus with ONCAMPUS pre-university programmes is the ideal foundational experience for international students.

Here are three good reasons to choose a pathway programme on campus.

Enjoy a True University Experience While Meeting Requirements for UK Universities

Coming to a new country to pursue ambitious educational goals is no small challenge but being part of a welcoming university community environment makes the transition much easier. Students in ONCAMPUS pathway programmes are based on the campus of our partner universities, meeting peers from around the world and participating in school activities as they become accustomed to life and higher education in the UK.

ONCAMPUS students have access to university facilities and activities

ONCAMPUS students fill in any gaps in their academic qualifications while perfecting their English skills among an inspiring and supportive community of international students. They have full access to everything on campus, including world-class athletic facilities, libraries and cafeterias, and can join exciting student clubs, excursions and sports opportunities.

Develop the Confidence to Successfully Adapt to Study in the UK

Being immersed in a stimulating campus environment while acquiring admission requirements for universities in UK in small class sizes develops valuable academic, personal and professional capabilities. It's the ideal introduction to an unfamiliar culture and education system, presenting regular opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities and meet new friends.

ONCAMPUS students meet peers from around the world while enjoying personal support

ONCAMPUS students meet peers from around the world while enjoying personal support

One of the greatest challenges faced by any university student is adapting to life on your own in a new environment, adjusting to the daily responsibilities that come with independence. ONCAMPUS teachers, tutors and support staff understand that this is no easy task, that’s why they are friendly, patient and always available to answer any of your questions. Students become more mature and resourceful while improving their English and other communication skills, developing the particular mindset necessary to pursue their studies with confidence.

More Choice and Improved Outcomes from On-Campus Study in the UK

Studying on campus provides numerous opportunities to broaden your horizons by trying new things, learning new skills and meeting fascinating people. As any course you can imagine is available for study in the UK, ONCAMPUS will help clarify your goals and ensure that you are prepared for whichever path you choose. We offer guaranteed progression to over 500 degrees at universities throughout the world and your personal tutor will assist your transition and help explore majors to best suit your strengths and interests.

You'll have the time to fully consider your options so you can begin studies that are right for you. With improved academic and communication skills, you can gain admission to better universities and achieve greater success in your studies and career—it's a life-changing opportunity!

Are you looking for a pathway programme to meet entrance requirements for UK universities?

ONCAMPUS is part of Cambridge Education Group, the first provider of foundation programmes in the UK and a leading international education provider since 1952.

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