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Planning to Study in the UK? Learn More About British Winter Traditions!

Tue 29 Nov 2016

When winter comes to Great Britain, the days get shorter and the weather gets colder but the fun certainly doesn't stop! In the last months of every year, colourful lights and decorations can be seeneverywhere as excitement builds for the Christmas season. This is a magical time to be in England, with traditional markets, special entertainment, food and drink, and many surprises to be found throughout the country.

There are many ways that international students can participate in all this fun, from outdoor ice skating, skiing or sliding down hills in the snowy winter wonderland, to staying warm with indoor activities like bowling, dancing, and movie nights. Whether you're studying in the city or the countryside, it's important to have a good winter coat and other warm clothing so you can stay as comfortable as possible while exploring the numerous unique attractions that the UK has to offer.

Study in the UK to Experience British Christmas Traditions

Although Christmas Day is on December 25th, the celebrations begin as early as November. You'll start hearing festive music everywhere you go and see pretty lights along streets, on trees, and in windows. Holiday markets and fairs offer tasty seasonal treats, great sales, and often traditional ceremonies featuring music, dance, and costumes.

Ice skating is a fun activity to try in the winter

For many British people, a sure sign the holidays are coming is when the famous Coca-Cola advert appears on television and its truck comes to their town in the weeks before Christmas, spreading festive happiness with special animated presentations, free giveaways, and a new "winter wonderland" attraction. Another way to celebrate before the big day is with an Advent calendar, which has 25 small doors that you open each day until Christmas, revealing a delicious chocolate!

Celebrating Christmas in the UK

Christmas Eve (December 24th) is when Santa or Father Christmas comes to bring children presents in his sleigh, which are opened the next morning. Some people sing carols (traditional songs), attend church service or exchange "Christmas crackers", which contain small gifts, a joke, and make a fun popping sound when opened. Additionally, the Queen makes her annual televised speech on Christmas Day, which is heard by millions of people all over the world.

The fun continues on the day after, Boxing Day, and on New Year's Eve with parties, fireworks, and counting down the end of the year at London's famous clock tower, Big Ben. Students in foundation courses in the UK often get together to watch the huge parades and visit the many festivals and markets. For example, London's Hyde Park has its own "winter wonderland" with entertainment, ice skating, and an ice kingdom.

Throughout the winter, ONCAMPUS students who study in the UK enjoy fun activities and trips, meeting friends and exploring local culture. Chinese New Year, Lumiere London, and Valentine's Day are just some of the great reasons to celebrate winter. This year, England is expected to have more snow than usual—all the more reason to get outside and make your own adventure!

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