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Coming to Study at the University of Amsterdam? Here's What to Expect

Thu 19 Jan 2017

With its scenic canals and historic architecture, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The capital of the Netherlands, located in the northwest of the country, it has long been one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, with millions of people arriving every year to experience its rich culture and friendly atmosphere.

For international students, Amsterdam is also becoming increasingly attractive as a study destination. The city boasts a number of top universities, with many offering a wide range of programmes in English, and tuition fees are relatively low compared with other English-speaking countries.

It’s also a great place to live, and was ranked as the 11th best city in the world in Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey in 2016.

Read on to find out more about what Amsterdam could have in store for you.    

Study at the University of Amsterdam for a World Class Education

The Dutch education system is one the best in Europe, and the country is home to a number of top institutions. The University of Amsterdam, for instance, was in the top 100 of both the QS and Times Higher Education world university rankings in 2016.

The Netherlands was also the first country on the European continent to offer university study programmes in English, and the variety of English-speaking programmes on offer continues to grow. Pathway programme students who go on to study at the University of Amsterdam can choose from four different English- taught degrees.   

Amsterdam is One of Europe’s Most International Cities

Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, and is home to over 180 different nationalities, so you are sure to have plenty of opportunity to meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds. Locals have a reputation of being very open-minded and friendly too, so you can expect a warm welcome!

Local people in Amsterdam are very friendly and welcoming

In addition, even though the first language is Dutch, over 80% of people in Amsterdam are fluent in English and the language is widely spoken throughout the city, and many locals even speak two or three different languages. This makes it an ideal city to improve your language skills.

Students in University Foundation Programmes in Amsterdam Will Find Plenty to Do

When you get a break from your studies, you will find plenty of different ways to spend your time off. Even though it is a small city with a population of just 750,000, Amsterdam has all the attractions of a larger city. It is famous for its nightlife, with lots of great bars, clubs, and cafes for students to socialise.

There are also a number of unique events and festivals held all year round, as well as several great museums and art galleries to discover, including the famous Van Gogh museum, where you can view some of the legendary Dutch artist’s most famous work.


Students can visit great attractions like the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Students enrolled in university foundation programmes in Amsterdam should also check out Amsterdam’s famous markets, such as Waterlooplein and Albert Cuyp, where they can pick up clothes, furniture, and much more at bargain prices. There are a number of great outdoor spaces to explore too, including the city’s famous canals, which are perfect for a stroll or bike ride at any time of day. 

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