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Choosing a Major? 3 Things Students in USA Pathways Should Consider

Fri 02 Sep 2016

With an ever increasing number of study paths and career opportunities available, choosing a university major is one of the most difficult decisions faced by young people. There are over 4,700 higher education institutions in the United States alone, with more types of programs available than anywhere else in the world, making it a top destination for international students. Fortunately, it is easy to transfer between schools and programs so you can always change your mind if you decide your first choice isn't for you after all. 

There are all sorts of reasons to motivate your choice of major. Follow your natural interests and passions or go with a compromise based on market demand? The first step to achieving a rewarding outcome involves understanding the wealth of study options available so you can proceed with full awareness along whichever path most inspires you.

With pathway programs like ONCAMPUS, international students can effectively acquire the necessary academic, English language, and social skills to gain admittance to and succeed in their chosen university. After a year of preparation and adaptation, pathway students can progress to the second year of their program of choice, making it an efficient and fulfilling process.

Here are three things to remember when making your major decision.

Understand your Abundant Study Options After USA Pathways

It's best to begin with an open mind when choosing a college major, and then after some potential options are considered to truly investigate what's involved in that particular field of study, including course titles and resulting career opportunities. You may have an aptitude for science, math or art, or perhaps enjoy the flexible paths possible following a business degree—the most common field of study in the world today.

With so many study options available in the USA, there's a perfect major for anyone

There are many other lesser known majors—something for everybody—including peculiar fields such as theme park engineering, funeral direction, puppetry, and auctioneering. Any degree from a U.S. college is recognized globally as a prestigious achievement and most programs also include internships and other working opportunities to launch your new career smoothly.

Is my Preferred College for Study in the USA Strong in this Major?

Choosing a major often coincides with deciding which university you would like to attend. Some schools are famous for certain programs while others like the University of North Texas have over a hundred impressive bachelor's programs to choose from. You may have one college or region of the country in mind that you've dreamed of living in and select an appropriate major that's available there. When you study in the USA, some universities even allow you to create your own major through interdisciplinary study.

After your USA Pathways You can Always Change Majors         

According to a recent report, about half of all college freshmen (first year students) in the USA enter college undecided about their major while as many as 70% will change their major at least once during their four-year degree program. Studies show that changing majors has minimal impact on planned graduation times and that students are even more likely to graduate after choosing a field better suited to them.

ONCAMPUS students can consider their major while discussing with peers on campus

The flexible American higher education system allows up to two years before choosing a major and it's easy to transfer to another school. ONCAMPUS students earn the same number of credits as any first-year student studying directly on the campus of one of our partner universities, while building English language proficiency and other valuable academic skills. USA pathways help students learn which options are best for them and provide the support to assist them towards their goals. Upon successful completion of the pathway program, students are then guaranteed a place at the university to complete years 2-4 of a chosen degree program.

Are you interested in university pathway programs for USA study?

Discover why ONCAMPUS is the best choice for navigating the complex university admissions process.

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