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Benefits of Studying On Campus in University Pathway Programs

Fri 25 Mar 2016

Adapting to life at an English-speaking university can be a big adjustment for an international student. Many worry about whether or not they will be able to adapt to a new culture and environment, all while making new friends and excelling at their studies.

Foundational pathway programs provided by ONCAMPUS offer the best route for international students looking to gain acceptance to universities in the UK and USA, with focused courses in welcoming multicultural environments providing the ideal preparation for future academic success. Many students underestimate just how much they benefit from the fact that ONCAMPUS courses take place directly on the campus of one of our partner institutions, helping them to transition seamlessly into campus life. 

Studying On Campus Helps Students Get Used To Their New Environment

Pathway programs offer students the chance to integrate fully into life at their new campus from day one. Students stay in dormitories with their fellow classmates and attend a comprehensive orientation from university support staff, who provide helpful information about every aspect of campus living.

Students in university pathway programs also have access to the full range of university services, and are free to join clubs and societies and attend social events along with regular undergraduate students. Whether they enter undergraduate study at the campus where they complete their program or choose another institution, students can begin their degree fully prepared for campus life.

University Pathways Programs Help Students Make Friends

Students in pathway programs make friends quickly

The on-campus environment students enjoy during their pathway programs is also ideal for making friends in their new home. With small class groups of people who are also new to the country, students in pathway programs tend to become close friends with their classmates. And with students coming from all around the globe, it’s also a unique opportunity to be exposed to a diverse range of cultures.

Together, you can explore your new surroundings, meet other students through social activities on campus, and support each other on your exciting journey. Students may well find that the friends they make in a pathway program last a lifetime.

Campuses Offering University Pathway Programs are in Great Locations

International students can study at great locations such as London

Whether you want to study in Britain, continental Europe or the United States, ONCAMPUS offers programs in a range of exciting locations. Students applying for pathway programs in the UK can enjoy everything that London has to offer by studying at Birkbeck campus in the heart of the city, with guaranteed progression into one of six University Of London colleges upon successful completion of their course. Meanwhile, those who might prefer a smaller university town can opt for some of our other partnered institutions in great locations such as Hull, Coventry, and Sunderland.

Over on the other side of the Atlantic there is just as much choice. Students can choose between scenic upstate New York or sunny California, study in the heart of Texas or alongside the country’s largest student population in Boston. Wherever you’d like to live, you’ll find a campus that suits you.

Interested in finding out more about our pathways in the USA and the UK? Contact us for more information!

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