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3 Useful Ways Students in Pathways in the USA Can Improve Their English Skills

Tue 01 Nov 2016

Pursuing an ONCAMPUS pathway program in the USA is a great way to prepare for earning your Bachelor's degree, since the program's English language component is quite extensive and works well to improve the English capabilities of new English speakers. And since ONCAMPUS class sizes are quite small, all students receive personalized attention when needed, further supporting their goal of mastering English.

Some students, however, may want to supplement their in-class learning with further activities that will help them improve their English language skills even more, or at a faster pace. For these students, there are many options offered by the ONCAMPUS centers and their partner universities in the USA, which include Wheelock College in Boston, Morrisville State College in New York, University of North Texas in Texas, California State University Monterey Bay in California, and The University of Rhode Island in Rhode Island.  Each school offers everything from additional academic support to social activities, all of which can be good opportunities for developing your abilities in English, and will be accessible to you as an ONCAMPUS student.

Here are a few options available to students looking to add to their English instruction while studying in a pathway program in the USA.

1. Supplement University Pathway Programs for the USA with Free Tutorial Services

All ONCAMPUS centers and their partner universities offer tutorial services for students, and these can be of great service to students looking to improve their English language skills.

These services are typically staffed by trained peers who excel either in written communication or in a particular subject. They will be trained to work with students for whom English is a second language and will be able to point out areas needing improvement in your writing, as well as provide encouragement for those good habits you are developing.

These services are freely available to ONCAMPUS students, and are great resources to help you develop your English language skills effectively.

2. Participate In Campus Groups to Practice English in a Social Setting

The old saying "practice makes perfect" certainly applies to learning a new language. In fact, one fun way to practice English while studying in pathways in the USA is to inquire about the student groups available to you at ONCAMPUS’ partner schools.

Build friendships and work on your English skills by joining a campus group

You can find many types of groups during your studies at any ONCAMPUS location. For example, you can hone your English skills by mingling with others at Wheelock College's X-Clusive hip-hop dance team and their open workshops, University of North Texas' student newspaper and radio and TV stations, and The University of Rhode Island's environmental conservation group.

By joining one or more of these groups, you can practice English and take part in campus life at the same time, making new friends along the way.

3. For Extra Immersion While Studying In Pathways in the USA, Attend School Social Events

Students enrolled in university pathway programs for the USA who want to practice their English outside of ONCAMPUS can attend one of the many social events put on by the partner university of their ONCAMPUS center. For instance, you can attend Morrisville State College's Oktoberfest, performances by The Second City improvization group at Cal State Monterrey Bay, and astronomy parties at The University of North Texas' Rafes Urban Astronomy Center.

Not only are events like these good opportunities to meet new people and entertain yourself, but they also allow you to take in American culture and develop the ability to understand and appreciate English in a new way. By using these options to expose yourself to English-speaking culture, you can develop your own skills with the language quickly.

Attend school social events and you can immerse yourself in English while having fun

By taking advantage of services offered by ONCAMPUS and its partner universities, as well as making time for student groups or social events, ONCAMPUS pathway students can work on their English skills both in academic and casual settings, and make fast progress to fluency that will serve them well as they continue towards earning their Bachelor's degree.

Want to fulfill entry requirements for Universities in USA while earning college credit and developing your English skills?

Contact ONCAMPUS to learn more, or to speak to an advisor.

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