Meet Saad, a student at ONCAMPUS Paris

Fri 16 Feb 2024

In this blog, we spoke to ONCAMPUS Paris IFP student Saad from Bangladesh. Saad shares his experience as a dedicated student pursuing his academic and personal aspirations in the heart of Paris. From his initial decision to study in Paris to his plans for the future, Saad provides a glimpse into the life of an international student navigating the vibrant cultural and educational landscape of one of the world's most iconic cities.

Why did you decide to study in Paris?

I chose Paris because I've been lucky to visit many big cities in Asia and Europe. My dad travels worldwide for business, and I got to explore major business cities. When I first visited Paris, I fell in love with the city. My hobbies are photography and fashion, and Paris is the perfect place to learn about them while pursuing my career. Also, I think Paris is the best location because it's at the center, making it easy to travel quickly throughout Europe.

What do you enjoy the most about your course and centre?

I really appreciate the practical, hands-on approach of my program's courses. They're not just about theories; they're designed to be effective and applicable in real life. The professors are not only knowledgeable but also friendly and encouraging, consistently motivating me to push my limits. Their support has often transformed challenging subjects into something I can handle confidently, almost effortlessly. Additionally, the center provides a vibrant environment where I get to meet many new people, including budding entrepreneurs. The presence of an incubator on-site is incredibly inspiring, allowing me to witness firsthand how startups evolve from mere ideas into successful businesses. This exposure, combined with the practical learning approach, positions me with a considerable advantage as I progress into my bachelor's programme, where independent learning and a strong foundational knowledge are key.

Can you recommend us your top 5 places to visit in Paris?

Selecting just five places in Paris is quite challenging, given the abundance of wonderful spots, each with its unique charm. However, some must-visit landmarks include the iconic Eiffel Tower, the majestic Arc de Triomphe, the historical Palace de Versailles, and the renowned Louvre museum. Additionally, I highly recommend exploring a Japanese garden, which is free for French students under 25. Another fascinating site is the Paris Grand Mosque, blending Parisian and Persian architecture. Don't forget to check out the Paris Catacombs – it's a cool and special place everyone should definitely visit.

Why is Paris considered a student-friendly city in your opinion?

In my opinion, Paris is extremely student-friendly. The city offers free access to numerous museums and public parks, enriching both cultural and academic life, and features remarkable architecture that enhances the aesthetic and inspirational aspects of student living. The city's vibrant environment, with its constant array of diverse activities, ensures that students are engaged and less likely to feel isolated compared to other cities in Europe. Additionally, the healthcare benefits provided, including a government-issued social security number that covers a large portion (up to 70%) of medical expenses, with the option for additional insurance to cover the rest, significantly reduce financial stress.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I plan to become an entrepreneur. I want to start new businesses that bring fresh ideas to life and help my community. By doing this, I hope to create jobs for people in my area, making it possible for them to support their families and have a better life.

Do you have any advice for students considering joining ONCAMPUS?

If you're interested in a career in business, the ONCAMPUS Foundation program is a great choice. It's different from university because it starts with the basics and makes sure you understand everything clearly. The team at ONCAMPUS really focuses on teaching everything from the start. I think that by the time you're halfway through this course, you'll feel more prepared and confident to join KEDGE or any other business school. It gives you an edge over other students, making it easier for you to do well in your main courses and achieve higher marks.

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