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Can I use my deposit payment towards payment of my fees?

Yes, but the deposit can only be used against the fees for your final term. All other terms must be paid in full by the due date shown on your invoice or statement.

Is my registration fee refundable?

In most cases the registration fee is non-refundable. Please refer to the Refund Policy if you would like further details.

Can I pay my fees in instalments?

You have the choice of whether to pay your fees in advance for the year or pay termly. If you choose to pay termly then fees are due 2 weeks before the start of each term.

I’ve arrived in the UK early and my course doesn’t start for a couple of weeks. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes, you will probably need to go to the post office to collect your BRP card within 10 days of arriving in the UK. You may also have to register with the police. Please check your visa for further information and you can contact your ONCAMPUS centre if you are still unsure (even if it’s before the start of term).

Does the foundation course guarantee me a place at my chosen university

If you successfully complete your programme to the required standard for your chosen degree then you are guaranteed a place at the partner university. For a list of courses please see the details listed in our Course-finder.

Can I have lessons in another language?

All of our lessons are held in English but we can help you to bring your English level up to the required level before you start your course.  

Can I arrive in the middle of a term?

No, we have set dates for the commencement of studies and you must arrive during one of these times. However, most courses have multiple intakes throughout the year so you can probably start within a few weeks of registering.

I don’t have original transcripts from my previous place of study, can I still apply for an ONCAMPUS course?

As part of the immigration requirement for your visa we must receive original transcripts from your previous place of study. However, most institutions should be able to supply you with copies if you need them.

I've completed my ONCAMPUS Course but I have lost my transcript. Can I get a copy?

Yes, we can provide a copy of your transcript. Please email us to request this. Please note that a courier charge may apply.

I applied for a course and paid a deposit, but I didn’t get the exam results that I needed. Can I have my deposit back?

If you provide evidence that you failed to meet the requirement after you paid your deposit then a refund can be granted of your deposit. The registration fee is non-refundable.

I have already submitted copies of all of my transcripts and passport when I applied.
Why do I have to bring the originals with me on my first day?

This is an Immigration Office stipulation and we cannot register you on your course until we have seen the original documents. One of our team will take a copy of the documents and sign the copy to verify that the original document has been seen and checked.