Student Information

Student Attendance

It is College policy that attendance is taken for all students. Uncertified absenteeism is considered a breach of the attendance policy. Attendance requirements, permitted attendance and how poor and unacceptable attendance will be dealt with are outlined in our Attendance Monitoring Procedure.

Student Sick Leave

A student’s absence from class may be excused in cases of certified illness. Further information is available here.

Holidays and breaks

Students are normally not permitted to take holidays during the College semester. Further information is available here. Timetables, semester dates and approved holiday breaks will be provided at induction and are subject to change.




Refunds will only be issued in certain circumstances as described in the Fees and Refunds Policy

Student Complaints

Students have the right to communicate any issues they may experience whilst a studying at ONCAMPUS. Further information as to how to do this is available here.

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