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Rochester New York

Rochester, New York

Rochester is New York State’s 3rd largest city. Located in upstate New York, Rochester is on the shores of the Great Lake Ontario. It is just a five hour drive to New York City and three hours from Toronto, Canada. 

Rochester experiences all four seasons, but it is known best for its beautiful winters. The University of Rochester has a network of underground tunnels for students to travel warmly between classes. 

Rochester is well known as the home of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak. His legacy of innovation remains, and Rochester continues to lead the industry in imaging technologies and optics. Because of this strong tech tradition, Rochester was one of the 35 innovation hubs in the nation, according to Atlantic Magazine.

Rochester’s own airport is less than four miles from campus. Beyond that, international connecting flights to JFK 
and Chicago are less than two hours long. There is also a train station in Rochester, which is easy to access via the regular shuttle service.

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