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Student support

We are committed to the success of our students. Through our student support service we are able to support all of our students, providing a broad range of advice and guidance on personal, practical and academic issues.

Personal Banking

You have the freedom to choose the bank that is best for you.  With multiple banking options in Denton your choices are not limited.  ATM Machines allow you the freedom and flexibility to take out cash as you need it without traveling far.  For your convenience, ATM Machines can be found in STUB (Stovall Temporary Union Building) and the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC).

ATMs available are:

  • Bank of America (STUB)
  • Chase (STUB)
  • Higher One (ESSC)
  • Wells Fargo (STUB, ESSC)

Denton Banks

Wells Fargo
309 W Oak St
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 591-3036

Chase Bank
1200 W University Drive
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 381-7402

CitiFirst United Bank and Trust Company
321 W Hickory St
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 484-0825

Northstar Bank of Texas
400 N Carroll Blvd
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 591-1200

Health Services

Student Health and Wellness Center

The mission of the UNT Health and Wellness Team is to empower, inspire, and educate students and members of the UNT community to cultivate lifestyles which enhance health and wellness, academic achievement, personal discovery, and lifelong excellence.


The Health Center Provides:

  • Urgent care for accidental injury
  • Basic diagnostic x-rays
  • Women’s care exams and education
  • Psychiatric assessment (with referral)
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Flu shot clinics
  • Immunizations
  • Behavioral medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory testing
  • Allergy injections

In the case of an emergency, Denton Regional Medical Center is located just 15 minutes away in Denton, TX.  If you do not think that you can safely get there by walking or taking a cab you can call for an ambulance by dialing 911.

3535 S I-35, Denton TX 76210 (940) 384-3535Call: (315) 824-1100

Health insurance:

University of North Texas mandates that every student complete the Health History Form sent to them with their pre-arrival package.  This form must be completed and the appropriate areas must be signed by a medical doctor.

Students are required to show proof of the Meningitis immunization.  

Students with incomplete immunization records will NOT be able to obtain grades and will be ineligible to register for a second semester.

Students are required by law to have appropriate insurance for the duration of their studies.  Students will receive University of North Texas’ medical insurance as part of their ONCAMPUS program.

Detailed plan information can be found here.

Online Support Systems

You will have various online support systems to use on a daily basis to help you keep track of events, academics, and schedules. They will help you learn to use these resources and expect you to check your email daily.

University of North Texas’ Homepage -

Links to the Academic Calendar, Student Handbook, UNT Directory, WebMail, and more

Facebook Group

ONCAMPUS Texas uses the Facebook group to post daily information about your program. Please join this group and check it regularly—and even sign up for notifications, so you don’t miss any important information!

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