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ONCAMPUS SUNY students benefit from full integration into the University campus, activities, clubs and organizations and more. In addition, they receive supportive classes specifically designed to build their university and language skills to their full potential.


Ranked 6th for
% of undergrads graduating with internship experience


SUNY campus around New York State to choose from


SUNY campuses ranked among the top colleges & universities in the nation
(US News & World Report, 2018)

  • Flexible entry requirements SAT scores, personal statements, and letters of recommendation are not required.
  • Ideal first-year university experience Equivalent to Year 1 of university; up to 34 credits upon completion.
  • Live and study in the heart of New York State Students will study and live alongside university students from day one and have full access to all facilities and resources.
  • Safe and supportive ‘soft landing' A beautiful, traditional campus with welcoming faculty & staff providing unparalleled support and guidance.
  • Choice and flexibility Students begin their studies at Morrisville State College and have the opportunity to progress to any field of study at the university of their choice!
  • Guaranteed transfer credits To any of the State University of New York’s 64 schools with choices of over 5,000 degrees and certification programs
  • An education in the SUNY system is a high ranked education 25 SUNY campuses were ranked among the top colleges and universities in the nation (U.S. News and World Report)
  • Start your education at a top ranked SUNY regional schools: Morrisville State College #33 Regional Colleges (North), #12 Top Public Schools
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How ONCAMPUS SUNY supports your success:

International First Year

As part of the ONCAMPUS SUNY program, each student will have the personal assistance of a University Success Advisor to help you with the next steps on your journey to a U.S. University degree.  Not only will the University Success Advisor help you explore and understand your options, but they will also work with you on the application process and show you how to navigate the transfer process.

Although you may apply to any school you wish, as part of the ONCAMPUS SUNY program you will earn  up to 32 credits towards SUNY General Education Requirements that are guaranteed to transfer to any SUNY school upon acceptance.  That is a full year’s worth of credits putting you in 2nd year standing at your destination institution.  Many SUNY schools are top ranked, with 25 ranked among the top in the nation (U.S. News and World Report), and with a wide range of degree programs to fit your goals and aspirations.

Within the SUNY system are several Affiliate Partners that have been pre-selected to partner with our program, making it easier to apply and enroll at these schools.

IFY Extra

A unique study program for international students who need additional English preparation as they start their university studies. IFY Extra provides additional support with skills courses in Reading and Writing Essentials as well as freshman-level, credit-bearing courses. At the end of the 2-semester program, students have the choice of continuing on for a third semester to complete their freshman credits or matriculate into Morrisville State College and continue as a freshman.

University Experience

Located in the heart of New York State, Morrisville State College boasts over 70 degree programs, and just over 3,000 students with campus buildings spread out over a lustrous 150 acres of New York countryside.

Feel at ease with all of the comforts of home at Morrisville State College. With multiple dining facilities, cafes, lounges, student center, fitness center, library, local restaurants and even an ice skating rink on campus, you’ll be able to find what you need or get valuable advice on where to go to find it.

Morrisville State College is a prominent member of the SUNY (State University of New York) system. Consisting of 64 campuses, SUNY is the nation’s largest State University systemSee a full list of SUNY progression opportunities >

Morrisville State College is proud supporter of hands on learning experiences. With each academic department running itself as its own business entity, students have the unique opportunity be part of a fully functioning business in their field of interest even before they graduate.

As a University student you will have the benefit of living on campus, fully immersed in the local American University culture. Find out more about Student Life >


In addition to English instruction, covering all areas of writing, speaking,  and understanding, you will also take the same classes as other Morrisville State College students, learn from the same Morrisville faculty, and earn the same amount of college credit over the course of the year (24-32 credits).

After successfully completing ONCAMPUS SUNY’s first year experience, you will have earned a full year’s worth of credits, putting you on track to earn the 120 credits most schools require to receive a Bachelor’s degree. To learn more about the University Transfer Program, click here . Find out more about the University Transfer Program >

University Campus

Like other freshmen, you will live in a residence hall, with other students, directly located within short distance to classes and other amenities right on campus. This is a mandatory part of ONCAMPUS SUNY’s program, and provides you with more opportunity to make friends, socialize, and acclimate to college life in America.

You will have the opportunity to choose your housing preference.  Whether you prefer to have your own room, or live with a roommate, you will have the chance to state your preferences.*

Live alongside other American and international students, in the same dormitories as other Morrisville State College students

Your floor will have a resident assistant / RA (also a MSC student) who organizes social activities and is there to answer questions. There is also a Resident Director/RD, a professional who is responsible for creating a safe and happy environment for everyone in the building.

A meal plan is included, and you’ll find the various cafes and dining facilities around campus ideal places to socialize and fuel your body as well as your mind.

Find out more about the ONCAMPUS Housing options.

*Housing preferences can not be guaranteed.  Placement will be based on student preferences and room availability.


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