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Student Support

We are committed to the success of our students. Through our support services we are able to support all of our students, providing a broad range of advice and guidance on personal, practical and academic issues.

Before you arrive

Easy Admissions Process
Complete the application form and send supporting documents to our Admissions team.  

Professional Advice
We will guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have. 

Academic English
Students who wish to improve their English language  skills prior to enrolling in our program are invited to attend Academic English courses at one of our Stafford House International centers in the USA. For more information  about our English courses, visit:

Pre-Arrival Handbook and Mobile App
Designed to support you before you arrive, both the Pre-Arrival Handbook and Mobile App answer many questions students have about moving to the United States and what to expect when you get here.


After you arrive

In the first days of your program, you will meet our staff  and tour the campus and facilities. We will help you settle into your new home and offer advice on adjusting to American culture. You will learn more about our program and meet your teachers. Orientation is a great opportunity to make friends with other international students who are also in your program.

The weekly required University Success Seminar is designed to ensure that you unlock your full potential during your first year. You are given the support you need to make the most of your time. You will work through a Student Success Portfolio to build successful strategies in six areas: personal growth, academic achievement, social engagement, navigating U.S. higher education, accomplishing transfer goals, and professional competencies. Incorporated into the seminar are transfer workshops and visits with SUNY university admissions counselors.

You will benefit from mandatory support classes designed to provide direct guidance for your undergraduate courses in the areas of reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. Morrisville State College professors and ONCAMPUS SUNY Instructors work together to give you the exact support you need to be successful. The skills you learn through this collaboration will be applicable throughout your studies.

Personal Advising
You will receive one-on-one individual, academic, and transfer advising with our staff during your time in the program.

In the United States, transferring to another school is common practice. Our specially trained higher education staff are here to help to prepare you for your American university experience through:

  • Workshops, including Introduction to SUNY
  • How to research and choose your perfect university; How to write a winning personal statement
  • How to apply to the best SUNY universities and colleges
  • Open days, which include visits from our SUNY partners, college visits, college fairs, and the SUNY Roadshow
  • Interview practice and training for university admissions tests
  • One-on-one academic and transfer advising meetings
  • Career Exploration and Planning

The University Transfer Advising process provides a step-by-step approach to help you understand your learning interests and goals. It will help you explore other SUNY campuses that are the best match for you, assist you with the application process, and help you make the final decision on which school is best for you. 



Work Eligibility

  • F-1 students may NOT work off campus during their first academic year
  • F-1 students do NOT qualify for work-study jobs on campus

While under F-1 visa status, students have two options for working in the USA. After completing our program, students are eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and can work full or part time during vacation periods at a job or internship which is directly tied to or required by a course they are taking. Optional Practical Training (OPTallows for 18 months of paid work following completion of a Bachelor's degree program. 

Health Services

Matthias Student Health and Counseling Center

The mission of the Health Center is to tend to the physical and mental health needs of the Morrisville State College student body. All students are encouraged to visit the Student Health Center for any non-emergency medical problems or illnesses they may have.

Students are also encouraged to call and make an appointment with one of the personal counselors to address emotional needs or if they have difficulties adjusting to the rigors of college life.

Their goal is to tend to student health needs, and in doing so, enhance the educational experience here at Morrisville State College.

The Health Center Provides:

  • Examination, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of common health problems such as asthma, upper respiratory infections, viral illnesses, urinary tract infections, orthopedic concerns and anxiety/depression.
  • Individual counseling is available by our professional staff.
  • Woman's health exams to include pap smears, birth control counseling and diagnostic cultures.
  • Confidential HIV/STD testing and counseling by appointment.
  • Instruction and teaching regarding illness, injury, medications and methods of health promotion.
  • Laboratory diagnostics to include throat cultures for strep, urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests, influenza virus screening, etc. Other diagnostics such as wound cultures, blood work etc. are obtained at the Health Center and then sent to a registered lab for analysis. X-rays and more advised testing is completed at Community Memorial Hospital, Hamilton and other local health facilities. Student's insurance will be billed for these outside services.
  • If deemed appropriate by our health care team referrals are made to local specialists ( orthopedists, allergists, psychiatrists, dermatologists, gastroenterologist, urologists, gynecologists, etc.)
  • A limited number of medications are available at the Health Center at no cost. If additional prescription medications are needed students will be referred to the local pharmacy. (Students’ insurance will be billed for prescriptions filled outside of the Health Center.)
  • The Health Center services are free of charge. In order to utilize the center the student must have a physical within 1 year of the date of admission to MSC on file.

In the case of an emergency, Community Memorial Hospital is located just 15 minutes away in Hamilton, NY.  Students should call University Police if they have an emergency or need to visit the urgent care/hospital after hours.

150 Broad Street, Hamilton NY 13346
(315) 824-1100

Health Requirements:

  • Morrisville State College mandates that every student complete the Health History Form sent to them with their pre-arrival package.  This form must be completed and the appropriate areas must be signed by a medical doctor.
  • Students are required to show proof of the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) immunization. 
  • Immunizations to Meningitis are optional, however if you choose not to get the immunization, you must sign the meningitis waiver attached to the Health History form.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Testing Results
  • Parental Consent for the Care of Minors

Students with incomplete immunization records will NOT be able to obtain grades and will be ineligible to register for a second semester.

Health Insurance:

All students are automatically enrolled in the Morrisville State College health insurance. 


Online Support Systems and Resources

You will have various online support systems to use on a daily basis to help you keep track of events, academics, and schedules. They will help you learn to use these resources and expect you to check your email daily.

Morrisville State College’s Homepage -

Links to the Academic Calendar, Student Handbook, Morrisville Directory, WebMail, and more

Facebook Group

ONCAMPUS SUNY uses the Facebook group to post daily information about your program. Please join this group and check it regularly—and even sign up for notifications, so you don’t miss any important information!

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