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Is it safe to study abroad during COVID-19? The UK is open

Wed 29 Jul 2020

The health and wellbeing of students is now paramount across all learning establishments. So, if you’re unsure about studying in the UK following the global pandemic, we’re pleased to assure you that the UK has taken every possible measure to ensure students’ safety. We’re all keen to return to ‘business as usual’ and that means we’re working incredibly hard behind the scenes to protect everyone now and into the future. We’ll do this for as long as it takes – so we can all get back to studying and back to work.

Take a look at some of the key measures the UK has in place to keep everyone safe and protected against coronavirus.


Within this article you will find a list of countries that do not require a quarantine period upon arrival to the UK. These countries have what is known as a ‘travel corridor’ because the number of cases of coronavirus in those countries is minimal. If you are travelling to the UK from those countries, you will not have to quarantine – or self-isolate when you arrive. It’s important to check the list regularly. The UK Government closely monitors coronavirus cases internationally and can make changes to the list with short notice, proving its commitment to preventing a spike in cases coming in from abroad.

Track and trace

The UK’s track and trace system is now in full operation, meaning that if you come into contact with someone who has the virus, you will be contacted and asked to isolate. This prevents you from passing the virus on to anyone else and halts the spread of the infection. This BBC article explains how the UK’s track and trace system works.


To date, over 11m coronavirus tests have now been carried out in the UK and the number of infections continues to fall. The disease is on the decline but if you do feel poorly during your time here, there are now 43 regional testing centres as well as home testing kits available, so you can quickly find out if you have the virus and arrange isolation or treatment if required.

Public transport, travel and shops

In the UK it is obligatory to wear a face mask on public transport and in shops. The social distancing guidance is also still applicable so we’re all reducing the spread of the virus when we shop or travel. Masks are widely available to purchase in shops or online at a low cost.

University campuses and accommodation

Each campus is different but you can be sure that every university is following COVID-secure guidelines, informed by scientific advice. Campuses will be cleaner than ever before – and this includes halls of residence where extra measures are taking place to ensure rooms, bathrooms and all surfaces are COVID-free.

Vaccine development

The UK is one of the countries that is closest to developing an effective coronavirus vaccine and the government has already ordered 100 million doses. This proves that the UK is serious about protecting lives and has the scientific knowledge to overcome this virus. If you study in the UK you are surrounded by healthcare experts who are working hard every day to make the UK a safer place.

See you soon

Uncertainty has been a common theme across the globe during the pandemic. Yet we’re here to let you know there’s one thing you can be certain of. Your health is of the greatest importance to us, and every education establishment in the UK is doing their utmost to keep you safe. Not to mention other places you will visit during your time here: from supermarkets and shops to transport systems and healthcare institutions – everyone is dedicated to ensuring the eradication of this virus.

We hope you are assured that studying in the UK is safe and we look forward to seeing you on campus as soon as possible. Of course, the situation changes regularly across the world, so please do read the UK Government guidelines or check out our coronavirus FAQs.

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