Pre-Bachelor's Preparation Programme (PBPP)

The Pre-Bachelor's Preparation Programme is available as a three-term programme, with opportunity to progress to a select number of degrees at our partner universities across Europe. You will study your Pre-Bachelor's Preparation Programme at our state-of-the-art centre located at the heart of Lund's Botanical Gardens.

We are currently offering all students who join in September with IELTS 5.5, a free online English Language programme in June. Please contact Admissions for further information. 

Application Support

The Pre-Bachelor's Preparation Programme is available as a three-term programme. It offers you opportunity to progress to a number of degrees from a Business or Science pathway.

Who is this programme designed for?

This programme is designed to prepare international students for undergraduate study in Sweden. The PBPP will allow you to improve your English while learning the study skills you will need during your Bachelor's degree studies. 

How long will I study for?

This programme lasts one academic year (nine months). The year is divided into three terms of seven to eight teaching weeks and one examination week. On average, you will undertake 21 (and up to 25) hours of classroom-based study per week.

English Language forms up to six hours of your timetable, is compulsory for students who are below the required level for progression, and will be integrated into the teaching of academic subjects as well as being taught separately if you need additional support. Students who are at or above the required English level for progression are likely to follow a reduced timetable. 

Students will be expected to timetable self-study hours in addition to the classroom-based hours.

What will I study?

Students will focus on their academic subjects from September of the year they join to January of the following year (such as Maths, Physics) and then the Undergraduate skills modules from January to June.

Students applying for university in Sweden must have submitted their university application by January of the year of university entry, and as such, the PBPP is heavily weighted at the start of the year with academic subjects to ensure students have the best possible chance of meeting the entry criteria by the time they need to apply to university.

English Language is studied throughout the year:

  • Academic writing skills
  • Academic reading skills development
  • Presentation and discussion skills
  • Listening and note taking
  • English for specific purposes

Other course content includes:

Business Pathway

  • Mathematics
  • Business Behaviours
  • Skills for Business
  • Intensive Swedish 
  • Personal Development for Employability and Careers 

Science Pathway

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Undergraduate Skills
  • Introduction to Sweden
  • Fully prepare you to complete your Bachelor's degree successfully

How will I be assessed?

Each module will have an assessment schedule, which will be completed by the end of the appropriate term, and will include formative and summative assignments and other assessment tasks. 

The programme includes exceptional support and guidance in applying to your chosen university.

Programme details:

Course length: 3 terms
Minimum age: 17+
Hours per week: up to 26

Dates and Fees:

Programme dates No. of terms Tuition fees per programme Progressing to an Undergraduate degree starting in
19 September 2022 – 4 June 2023  3

€18,375 (Business pathway)
€18,975 (Science pathway)

September 2023
18 September 2023 – 09 June 2024 3 €18,930 (Business pathway)
€19,545 (Science pathway)
September 2024

All programmes are subject to a €300 registration fee and a €2,200 refundable deposit which is offset against the last term's fees.

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