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University Transfer Program at ONCAMPUS Boston


  • ONCAMPUS Boston offers a 1st year university program at Wheelock College.
  • Students earn 28-32 credits taking a normal freshman course load in classes that are taught by Wheelock College faculty to small groups of international students.
  • In addition, students receive supplemental instruction and training in English and other academic skills. All students who need additional English language preparation can the Academic English Program. Find out more >
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Program Benefits

The transition to college-level study is challenging for most students. This is especially true for international students who also have to adjust to a different culture, a different language, and an education system that is quite different from the one at home.

Cambridge Education Group programs have been helping international students succeed in their university goals for more than 60 years. Our vast experience in educating students from all over the world has led to the refined and detailed ONCAMPUS Boston program which includes:

  • A supportive environment that helps you acclimate quickly
  • Instruction that builds academic skills (researching, using a library, making presentations)
  • Ongoing instruction to build English language proficiency for general academics
  • Ongoing academic support classes to strengthen your academic performance in the general education classes
  • TOEFL preparation, including exam*
  • Multiple options for your field of study including an option for those who are not ready to choose a major
  • Optional SAT/ACT preparation (SAT/ACT scores must be submitted to apply to some U.S. schools)
  • Ability to earn the same 28 – 32 college credits typical of any first year student

*Students will take one TOEFL exam

What will I study?


* Students without the sufficient level to take English/Writing Class 120 their first semester can either take a second general education class or only take 3 academic classes
**These general education classes are pre-selected as they will transfer to most universities as an elective and ensure that your transcript reflects a well-rounded course plan, as is highly recommended in a U.S. university student’s first year of study.

Earn the credits you need, take the courses you want

All ONCAMPUS Boston students take a minimum of three 4-credit courses each semester, while also receiving supplemental instruction in English for Academic Purposes, academic skills development, and TOEFL preparation.

The flexibility we offer you - take general education classes and also enroll in elective courses related to your major - is one of ONCAMPUS Boston’s most popular features. You’ll have the freedom to choose classes that let you explore different subject areas, while ensuring that you complete the coursework typical for any college freshman, and thus can transfer to almost any U.S. college.

Here are a few examples of possible course plans:

University Transfer Advising process

ONCAMPUS Boston gives every student access to web-based university planning tools which are designed to help students assess their personal strengths and interests, explore majors that match their interests, and then find, and apply to, universities that will best prepare them to succeed in their desired careers. These online platforms also enable students to organize and check on the statuses of their college applications.

Start your bachelor's degree and finish it at the university of your choice

While we work with a number of excellent partner universities, you are free to explore transferring to any of the more than 4,000 U.S. universities and colleges.

ONCAMPUS Boston provides:

  • A 4-step university advising process
  • College visits
  • College fairs
  • Application support
  • Guidance on final decision

The 4-step University Advising process has three components:

  1. Independent exploration and assessment
  2. Group seminar - University Success course
  3. One-on-one advising with your University Advisor - you will meet with them two time during each of the four steps, for a total of 8 one-on-one meetings

ONCAMPUS Boston’s University Advising 4-step process:

Progression to University Video: University Transfer Video:  
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