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With 158 buildings housing the 200 academic majors, 23,000 faculty and staff, and 11,100 students, the University of Rochester campus is well organized and walkable. Underground tunnels connect the academic buildings, making it easy to get around during Rochester's snowy winters.

As an ONCAMPUS student you will be introduced to a wide variety of activities and experiences at the University of Rochester. Much of the American university experience is rooted in traditions, and these traditions create a community that continues to tie students to their schools throughout their whole lives.

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Student Organizations
There are 287 student organizations at the University of Rochester. Students with interests in ballet, astronomy, Quidditch, linguistics, and even mariachi can either join an existing club, or create their own. Getting involved in the campus’s activities is one of the best ways to get a complete American university experience. 

Boar’s Head Dinner
This winter feast began in 1934 and has been one of the most beloved experiences ever since. A trumpeter calls to begin the meal, and each course is celebrated by songs and other performances. 

Clock Tower Superstition
The lore at the University of Rochester says that walking underneath the clock tower in Dandelion Square will prevent you from graduating on time. Though a superstition, most students decide to avoid the risk and walk around the clock, just in case.  

Wilson Day
Celebrated in the fall, Wilson Day is a day of service when the whole Rochester campus comes together to participate in community projects. 

Greek Life
About 25% of University of Rochester undergraduate students join fraternities and sororities. With 33 different organizations on campus, there are many options to choose from. Fraternities and sororities are not just organizations for socializing; they are often organized around academic interests, community service, or common heritage. 


There are three levels of sport organizations at the University of Rochester: Varsity, Intramural, and Club. Depending on skill level, there is a sport organization for everyone who wants to participate. The varsity teams at Rochester are Division III in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and cheering on the Yellowjackets is a popular activity on campus. 

University of Rochester ONCAMPUS Map

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